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Fae Farm Cleo Job Quest: Where To Find Them?

Fae Farm is a popular game that lets players explore a magical world of faeries, animals, and plants.

One of the game’s features is the ability to take on different jobs from various characters, such as Cleo, the time traveler.

Cleo’s job quests in Fae Farm involve finding unique markers that look like pocket watches in different locations. However, there are 10 locations where you can find these unique markers, such as Waterfall in East Town, Spooky Woods Way Shrine, Wisp Mother, etc.

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All The Locations Of Cleo Job Quest In Fae Farm

There are 10 locations where you can find Cleo’s job quest unique markers in Fae Farm.

These markers are clues to Cleo’s past and future adventures. Furthermore, players can find new stories and rewards from Cleo.

However, finding these markers can be tricky, as they are hidden in various places worldwide.

Some of them require special skills or items to access.

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Here is the list of all ten locations of Cleo’s job quest unique markers in Fae Farm:

1. Waterfall In East Town

The first marker is easy to find, located near the flower vendor in East Town.

Likewise, you can see a waterfall where it is located next to it.

Waterfall in East Town in Fae Farm
Waterfall in East Town in Fae Farm

Similarly, it is sparkling in the water next to the waterfall.

2. Level 25 Of Saltwater Mines

The second marker is located on the 25th level of the Saltwater Mines.

There, you can find it near a nappy pillar just above it.

However, mining through the rocks and enemies would be best to reach it.

3. Spooky Woods Way Shrine

The third marker is in front of the Spooky Woods Way Shrine.

Furthermore, there you can see a teleportation device that can take you to different places.

Spooky Woods Way Shrine in Fae Farm
Spooky Woods Way Shrine in Fae Farm.

However, you must activate the way shrine by lighting the candles around it.

4. Wisp Mother

The fourth marker is below a broken bridge near the Waste Motor.

Moreover, there you can see a giant machine producing pollution.

When you arrive at the Wisp Mother, you must turn right and look for the marker under the bridge.

5. Floating Ruins

The fifth marker is located near the small stairs, right in front of the entrance to the Floating Ruins.

However, it is also an ancient structure that floats in the sky.

Entrance of Floating Ruins in Fae Farm
Entrance of Floating Ruins in Fae Farm.

Furthermore, using your wings or a flying mount to reach them would be best.

6. Floating Ruins Level 25 Door

The sixth marker is near the door to the 25th level of the Floating Ruins.

However, there you will find a powerful enemy guard.

Likewise, you must defeat or sneak past it to access the door and the marker.

7. Grell’s Lair

The seventh marker is behind Grell’s head at Grells’s Lair.

Moreover, there is a frozen cave where a giant dragon lives.

Behind the Grell's Lair in Fae Farm
Behind the Grell’s Lair in Fae Farm.

Furthermore, you must unlock the Frozen area and have a warm potion handy in case you haven’t stopped the blizzard yet.

8. Frozen Farm

The eighth marker is located south of your Frozen Farm.

However, it is a land where you can grow crops and raise animals.

Similarly, you must unlock the bash spell at the lava mines to access this area and the marker.

9. Entrance Of Lava Mines

The ninth marker is located at the entrance of the lava mines.

Likewise, the lava mines are fiery caverns full of lava and metal.

Entrance of Lava Mines in Fae Farm
Entrance of Lava Mines in Fae Farm.

Furthermore, you must have a fire-resistant armor or potion to enter them safely.

10. Lava Mines Level 25

In Fae Farm, the tenth and final marker is located at the 25th level of the lava mines.

However, it is the most profound and hottest part of lava mines.

Likewise, you must avoid or fight through the fire creatures and traps to reach it.

The Bottom Line

These are all the locations of Cleo’s job quest markers in Fae Farm.

By finding them all, you will be able to learn more about Cleo’s mysterious background and get some valuable rewards from her.

However, it can be challenging to find some of these as some are hidden in various places.

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