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Best Path In Lies of P: Which One To Choose?

The path you choose in Lies of P determines how you play in the short term with the weapons.

However, it is not just about the weapons but also affects your build style.

Lies of P has three paths: Path of the Cricket, Path of the Bastard and Path of the Sweeper. Each path has its unique strengths and weaknesses. Players can choose the best path that is suited to their playstyle.

Continue reading to know which path suits your play style best and how to choose one.

Paths In Lies Of P: An Overview

As soon as you enter into Lies of P, the game provides options for choosing a path that can determine your starting stats.

The paths are associated with unique weapons that decide your character’s strengths and weaknesses.

Similarly, each of these weapons and their starting stat is the beginning of the builds that will drastically impact your play style.

Furthermore, the three core weapons in Lies of P are:

  1. Puppet’s Saber
  2. Wintry Rapier
  3. Greatsword of fate

Types Of Paths In Lies of P

The game provides three types of paths. However, the ideal path to select depends on the player’s personal playstyle and combat preferences.

Similarly, comparing different paths helps players to consider their desired build and develop their character in the game.

Here are three different types of paths in Lies of P:

1. Path Of The Cricket: Balance

The path of cricket is suitable for all, whether they are beginners or experienced players.

It offers a balanced approach and access to the versatile Puppet’s Saber, a weapon suitable for both close-range and mid-range combat.

Additionally, it starts with well-rounded stats with a balance of offensive and defensive stats.

Selecting a combat style in Lies of P.
Selecting a combat style in Lies of P.

It allows for playstyle flexibility and builds without any sense of restriction.

This path is meant for a quality build where the goal is to more or less evenly distribute points across all the stats.

Similarly, it allows most weapons to be adjusted to have good damage scaling across a number of attributes to turn you into an absolute beast in combat.

2. Path Of The Bastard: Dexterity 

The Path of the Bastard offers a technique-focused approach, ideal for players seeking a quick and daring playstyle.

It grants you a Rapier, an agile weapon capable of swiftly causing damage to the enemies.

Additionally, starting with high technique and low motility enhances your mobility and the likelihood of evading enemy attacks.

However, this heightened agility comes at the cost of increased vulnerability by sacrificing the ability to equip better gear earlier in the game.

3. Path Of The Sweeper: Strength

The Sweeper’s Path is a strength-focused option that appeals to players who like to hit hard and deal substantial damage.

It is a motivity, vitality and capacity-focused path that equips you with a Greatsword of fate.

Moreover, it is a weapon known for its slow yet powerful nature, effortlessly cleaving through rivals in its wake.

You can start with high motivation and low techniques. It grants you greater durability and an increased likelihood of surviving hits.

However, this choice comes at a cost of reduced mobility and higher vulnerability to initial strikes.

Thus, this path is more of a risk and reward-based playstyle.

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Choosing The Best Path In Lies Of P

Ultimately, the best path to choose in Lies of P is the one that suits your preferred gaming style.

Also, if you are unsure and starting as a beginner to the game, choosing the Path of Cricket seems to be the best option.

This option is an all-around path designed for moderate damage and will give you a feel for the game.

Starting stat of each Combat styles.
Starting stat of each Combat style.

Besides, you can switch to a different path later if you want after a better understanding of the game and its combat styles.

Here are the tips you can follow for choosing the best path:

1. Past Experience

You can consider your experience with similar soulslike games and their combat styles.

As a beginner, you can start with Path of the Cricket or Path of the Sweeper, as they offer a more forgiving experience.

If you are an experienced player, try Path of the Bastard for a more challenging and rewarding experience.

2. Combat Style

Think about what kind of combat style you enjoy. Three paths have their distinct combat styles.

Path of the Bastard is considered one of the best combat styles for most players. It offers Wintry Rapier known for its agility.

Further, experienced players tend to enjoy this path. Whereas players new to this game genre can start with Path of the Cricket.

3. Experiment

You can experiment with your playing style with different paths.

Likewise, you always have the option to switch paths as you progress in the game if you don’t enjoy the one that you chose.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, choosing the best path in Lies of P is the first step for players to proceed further in the game.

Furthermore, after knowing about the unique strengths of each path, players can choose the one that matches their gaming technique.

They have the flexibility to customize the weapons based on their statistical strengths.

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