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Fae Farm: An Overview On Types Of Seeds

Fae Farm Seeds are used to grow crops and flowers in the game, and players can buy them from the sellers.

Players can receive free seeds, plant them in basic soil beds, and then water them daily until they are ready for harvest.

Fae Farm has various types of seeds that you can purchase and sell with non-playable characters to gain profit. Some of them are Pepper, Corn, Potato, Bean, etc.

Continue reading about Fae Farm seeds and their locations.

Where Can We Find Seeds In Fae Farm?

It is very easy to find a variety of seeds that you need in Fae Farm as you can buy seeds from the nearby market.

fae farm Seeds
Seed Market of Holly.

On the right side of the market in the town, there is a seller named Holly who sells the seeds for your farms.

Additionally, you must unlock your farming skills and also purchase some Florins in order to get the seeds.

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Fae Farm Seeds: An Overview

There are different varieties of seeds that you can grow on your Fae Farm and use for harvesting crops.

Here is the list of seeds that you can harvest in Fae Farm:

1. Pepper Seed

In Fae Farm, to unlock Pepper seed, you must reach Level 20. You have to purchase the crops from Holly Market for the price of 20 Florins each.

The stage of maturity of the seed is 12 days of daily watering and can be harvested every four days.

fae farm Seeds
Harvesting of Pepper Seeds.

Additionally, you should take good care of the seed by watering daily.

Moreover, we can use magic crop swap fertilizer to change pepper into cucumber, tomato, or even chili pepper in different seasons.

Although the seed may cost the highest cost, it will return the highest profit margin by selling it for 46 Florins each.

2. Corn Seed

In order to unlock the Corn seed, you must reach Level 15. You have to purchase the crops for the price of 15 Florins each.

Harvesting of Corn Seeds.
Harvesting of Corn Seeds.

Similarly, the seed’s maturity stage is eight days of daily watering and can be harvested thrice per season.

You can also use corn to cook to gain higher stats or even sell it for 40 florins per crop giving us a high profit margin.

3. Potato Seed

Potato seed is the most essential seed in any farm that you can use for cooked meals or sell at a profitable price.

You must reach Level 10 to unlock the Potato seed. You can purchase the crops for the price of 10 Florin each from Holly’s Shop.

Moreover, You should nurture the seed by watering daily which requires harvesting up to 9 times per season.

Additionally, you can sell these potato crops for the highest profit in their first year with 30 Florins per crop.

Moreover, you can change potato into jewel yarn, garlic, onion and leek according to different seasons.

4. Bean Seed

Apart from all the above-mentioned seeds, you do not require any farming skills to harvest the bean seeds.

Similarly, you can purchase these seeds for 12 Florins per seed and sell them for 23 Florins per crop with a good profit.

fae farm Seeds
Harvesting of Bean Seeds.

You can also consume bean seeds to recover ten energy, making them useful for energy top-up.

Similarly, bean seeds require daily watering for 12 days, and you can harvest the seeds every four days.

Moreover, you can change beans into eggplant, pumpkins, acorns, and sugar peas by using magic crop swap.

5. Cauliflower Seed

Similar to bean seed, it doesn’t require any farming skills but can be purchased at the low price of 6 Florins.

Likewise, you should harvest the seed for three days, which requires daily water to grow into mature crops.

Harvesting of Cauliflower Seeds.
Harvesting of Cauliflower Seeds.

In the market, you can sell these harvested cauliflower seeds for 25 Florins each which is a huge profit margin.

Additionally, if you consume the seed, you can get ten energy points.

Moreover, you can profit drastically from seed by using magic crop swaps and changing cauliflower into different seasons.

6. Turnip Seed

Last but not least, you will get introduced to Turnip Seeds at the opening of Fae Farm.

You will also get a step-wise process on how to harvest the Turnip seed, making the Turnip the starter seed.

You can purchase the turnip seed for 5 Florins each from the Holly’s Market.

fae farm Seeds
Harvesting of Turnip Seeds.

Turnip does not require daily watering, unlike all other seeds, but you can harvest them only after four days.

After the successful harvesting of the Turnip seeds, you can sell them in the market for the price of 20 Florins each.

The Bottom Line

In Fae Farm, planting seeds and harvesting them to sell for higher Florins is one of the easiest ways to earn profit.

Hence, you can grow these seeds and change them into different crops according to the seasons, which can increase drastic profits.

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