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How To Equip Vanessa In Dreamlight Valley?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Ursala’s Transformation Dream Bundle is another interesting quest with the great transformation of Vanessa.

Likewise, Dream Styles helps you to transform the sea witch Ursala into the human form “Venessa”  which is a massive modification.

In this quest of Dreamlight Valley, you have to equip Vanessa and transform her into a fully human character by gathering resources.

Moreover, you will also need to equip the character and spend some Moonstones in order to begin the quest.

Continue to read more about how to equip Vanessa and complete the quest with enchantment.

Unlock Ursala Human Form

In order to equip Vanessa’s form, go to Menu and spend 4000 Moonstones from the Premium shop to purchase Ursala’s human form.

Quest Start
Begin the Quest.

Similarly, Click on the menu and choose characters from the Characters tab. Then Select Ursala which will allow you to customize.

transform from ursala to vanessa
From Ursala to Vanessa.

Moreover, you have to search for the location of Venessa on the map and transport yourself to continue the quest.

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Acquire Enchantment Materials

However, after talking with Vanessa, you will find out that she needs your help to complete the enchantment process.

Vanessa will provide you with the list of ingredients. Then, you should venture out and collect all those items.

List of items:

  • Purple Rising Penstemons (3)
Quest Start
Purple Rising Penstemons.
  • Purple Falling Penstemons (3)
  • Raspberries (10)
  • Purified Night Shards (2)
  • Onyx (3)

You can gather all these materials from the Plaza, Peaceful Meadows, Mining site, and Sparkling Spots on the ground.

Finally, after collecting all of these materials, search for the location of Vanessa on the Map and return to her place.

Portrait Of Vanessa

After returning to Vanessa, she will be pleased to take all the ingredients.

Again, Venessa will ask you to draw a portrait of her. However, it’s not necessary to draw or paint the actual portrait of her.

equip vanessa dreamlight valley
Portrait of Vanessa.

Moreover, you can suggest to take pictures of hers. You can take your camera out and click some pictures.

Finally, the enchantment process has come to an end. Now, you can explore different places with Vanessa.

A Visit To Chez Remy

After enchantment, you both will visit your house. Then you can suggest a visit to Chez Remy.

In Chez Remy, you should try to impress Vanessa by cooking a three-star or higher dish.

equip vanessa dreamlight valley
Dreamlight Valley Chez Remy

However, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t know the recipe for the dish. You can get the help from All Recipe guide to cook a special dish.

You can either purchase Fish Soup and Hearty Salary to meet the criteria of a three-star dish.

Scrooge McDucks Shop

Even after visiting your home and having a great treat at Chez Remy, sadly Vanessa is still unsatisfied and not impressed.

Then, she will suggest you visit another location that is Scrooge McDuck Shop where you should buy her Elegant Style Furniture.

equip vanessa dreamlight valley
Dreamlight Falley Furniture Shop.

You can click on the Function Section at the top of the menu which will let you buy the furniture from the Elegant Tab.

Moreover, if you want to choose more variety, go to the Style tab and multiple categories appear. You can make your choice.

The Gift From Vanessa

Finally, Vanessa will pleased with your effort and will let you choose three Elegant Furniture to decorate the Valley.

Moreover, Vanessa will congratulate you and reward you with a valuable necklace from Little Mermaid.

In this way, you can help Vanessa with the Enchantment process, impress her to win the jewelry, and complete the quest.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, the Transformation of Vanessa in Dreamlight Valley is worth playing as you will find amazing missions to accomplish.

Likewise, you will also earn rewards that can be helpful to add another item to your collection list for the upcoming quest.

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