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Why Is Payday 3 Taking So Long? Matchmaking Causes And Fixes

Payday 3 features a matchmaking system that connects players with compatible teammates and assigns them to a heist.

However, many players have reported that the matchmaking process takes too long, sometimes up to 20 minutes or more.

In Payday 3, there are many reasons why matchmaking is taking so long to match the player, such as low player population, technical issues, etc. However, some fixes might help solve this problem, such as adjusting your settings, updating the game, etc. 

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What Is Matchmaking In Payday 3?

Matchmaking is finding and joining a game session with other players with similar preferences and skill levels.

In Payday 3, matchmaking can be done in two ways: public or private.

Public matchmaking allows players to join any available game session that matches their criteria, such as difficulty level, heist type, and region.

Similarly, Private matchmaking allows players to create or join an invite-only game session, meaning that only players the host has invited can join.

Furthermore, Matchmaking in Payday 3 is based on several factors, such as:

  1. Player level: In the game, you can try to match players with similar levels of experience and progression.
  2. Heist availability: The game attempts to match players with heists they have not yet completed or chosen as their preferred heists.
  3. Heist difficulty: The game tries to match players with heists that match their chosen difficulty level, such as normal, hard, very hard, or overkill.
  4. Region: You can try to match players with other players in the same or nearby regions, such as Europe, North America, Asia, etc.
  5. Ping: The game matches players based on their low latency or ping, which is the time data takes to travel between their device and the game server.

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Why Is Matchmaking Taking So Long In Payday 3?

Sometimes, matchmaking can be complicated since many factors decide the matches in Payday 3.

Matchmaking taking longer time to find a match in Payday3
Matchmaking takes a longer time to find a match in Payday3.

Here are several possible reasons why matchmaking is taking so long in Payday 3:

1. Low Player Population

Payday 3 is a relatively new game that has yet to attract a large and stable player base. This means there are fewer game sessions and fewer compatible players to match.

Similarly, this problem is more pronounced in specific regions or times of the day when fewer active players are online.

2. High Demand For Certain Heists Or Difficulties

Some heists or difficulties are more popular or rewarding than others and attract more players who want to play them.

This results in high demand on the supply of game sessions, and it causes longer waiting times for specific players.

However, this can also result in server breakdown due to high demand in Payday 3.

3. Technical Issues

Some bugs or glitches in the game’s code or servers may affect matchmaking issues in the game.

For example, players have reported that the game does not recognize their Invite-only settings and keeps searching for public games instead.

Similarly, there are reports from players who have experienced game crashes or freezes while in the middle of matchmaking.

4. Player Behavior

Payday 3 players may intentionally or unintentionally disrupt matchmaking by leaving or kicking other players from their game sessions.

This may cause frustration and dissatisfaction among other players who must wait longer or start over.

Furthermore, this can result in getting banned from the game or even their account.

Matchmaking Is Taking So Long In Payday 3: Fixes

Some possible solutions or workarounds may help improve the matchmaking speed and quality in Payday 3.

Here are some of the solutions that might help you fix the problem:

1. Adjust Your Settings

You can change your matchmaking settings to increase your chances of finding a suitable game session.

For example, you can lower your difficulty level, select more heists as your preferred heists, or choose a different region.

Adjusting the game setting in Payday 3
Adjusting the game setting in Payday 3

You can switch between public and private matchmaking modes to see which works better.

2. Join Online Community

You can join a community of Payday 3 players who share your interests and preferences.

For example, you can join a Discord server, a Steam group, or a Reddit subreddit to chat with other players, ask for advice, share tips, and find teammates.

You can also use these platforms to invite other players to your game sessions or join theirs.

3. Update Your Game

Players should update their game to the latest version to resolve any possible bugs or glitches impacting matchmaking.

You can also check the game developer’s official website of payday or social media accounts for any news or announcements about patches or updates.

After updating the game, it should fix the problem and help matchmaking into the game faster.

4. Contact Customer Support

If none of the above solutions work for you, you can try contacting the customer support team of Payday 3 and report your problem.

Additionally, you can provide them with details such as your device model, operating system, internet connection speed, error messages, screenshots, or videos.

They can help you troubleshoot and resolve your issue.

The Bottom Line

Matchmaking is an essential feature of Payday 3 that allows players to enjoy the game with other players with similar preferences and skill levels.

However, matchmaking can sometimes take too long, affecting the game’s fun and performance.

Various factors can cause this problem, such as a low player population, high demand for certain heists or difficulties, technical issues, or player behavior.

Some possible solutions that can help improve matchmaking, such as adjusting your settings, updating your game, or contacting customer support.

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