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What Are Hard Reset, Play It Again And The Countdown?

Hard Reset, Play It Again, and The Countdown are the three percentage components in the game that appear in the escape menu.

These percentages progress in the game without any explanations, which has sent the Cyberpunk 2077 community into a frenzy.

However, players independently inferred meanings for these three unexplained elements, as developers offered no insights.

Hard Reset, Play It Again, and The Countdown are three percentages in Cyberpunk 2077 that represent the story progression, friendship bond with Johnny, and
the time limit until V’s death respectively.

Continue reading this article to learn all about these topics.

Hard Reset 

Hard Reset is the percentage on the escape menu’s left side, representing the game’s story progression.

This is the easiest one to figure out of the three, as it only goes up as the game progresses further.

This is also determined by V’s popularity as a mercenary in the game, which can be influenced by street cards.

Hard Reset
Hard Reset in Cyberpunk 2077.

Additionally, the higher the level of your street card, the more the rise in percentage, giving you access to new missions.

However, the maximum percentage that players can accumulate in hard Reset is 90% even after completing the game.

In order to achieve this feat, players must reach level 50 with the street card, which will give them the Edgerunner title.

Street Cred is an experience-based progression in the game that allows players to unlock new quests in Night City.

It allows players to access new Gigs in the game, which are missions given according to the card level by fixers.

Additionally, it also allows players to get discounts for items in stores and vendors after they reach a certain level.

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Play It Again

Play it again in the escape menu is V’s friendship percentage with Johnny, which can both increase and decrease.

Johnny is an ally who chooses to collaborate with V in order to facilitate his extraction from their shared consciousness.

Johnny(Play It Again Character)
Johnny(Play It Again Character).

Also, he is one of the famous characters in the game who frequently offers guidance and shares his opinions with V to form his personality.

Note that the Play It Again percentage can only peak at 70 percent even after the end of the game.

To reach this milestone, there are certain missions that players need to be wary of in the game.

Firstly, players should always be sympathetic to Johnny until they reach the Search and Destroy Mission. This will ensure that the par will reach up to 30 percent.

Secondly, players should commence in the Tapeworm mission, which features various side missions.

During this mission, players will encounter a character named Rogue, who has some connection with Johnny.

When the right time comes, players should choose an option to date Rogue so that the percentage can rise upto 60 percent.

Lastly, players should commence in the Chippin In mission, where there are lots of dialogues between Johnny and V.

The final 10 percent is the hardest to acquire, requiring players to pick every correct dialogue option.

The Countdown

The Countdown is the progress bar on the escape menu’s right side, which shows the relic progress.

The Relic is a project that allows human minds to be digitally copied into a microchip to plant in an artificial body.

However, V’s Relic is infected and occasionally hurts V throughout the game.

Thus, the Countdown displays the severity of the infection that occurs in V’s body in the game.

The Countdown(Relic)
The Countdown(Relic) in Cyberpunk 2077.

Also, the percentage rate of V is directly connected to V’s bloodthirst, compelling him to hunt for blood.

Theoretically, the main character, V, will die when this percentage reaches 100 %.

But do not fret; this percentage will only peak at 60 percent in the game regardless of players’ choice.

Hence, players should bear no mind to The Countdown as this does not play any significant role in the story.

The Bottom Line

Hard Reset, Play It Again, And The Countdown are one of the oldest mysteries in Cyberpunk 2077.

The Reddit and the Steam community has been involved in lots of FAQ’s regarding this topic.

Initially, the game lacked explanations on this topic. Now, players can finally find enough evidence on the internet to depict these terminologies.

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