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Can You Save Slider In Cyberpunk 2077?

Cyberpunk 2077 offers many choices and consequences for the players, who can shape the story and the fate of the characters they encounter.

One of these characters is Slider, a hacker who helps you in the Phantom Liberty expansion.

In Cyberpunk, there is a question “Can you save Slider from dying at the end of the mission?”.  The short answer to this question is no, you cannot save him but he helps you find out about blackwall.

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How To Find Slider In Cyberpunk 2077?

Finding the Slider starts with the main job, The Damned, after completing Lucretia My Reflection main job.

1. Meeting With Reed

The mission starts when you receive a call from Solomon Reed, who will call you at the Moth Bar.

Reed will meet you at the Moth Bar, and Daphne there, who will reveal herself as Alex.

Meeting with Alex and Reed at the Moth Bar
Meeting with Alex and Reed at the Moth Bar.

You will need to talk to Alex about her past life and get the information about the Songbird’s status.

However, after talking to her, there is a need for an ex-voodoo user called Slider.

Afterward, Alex will give you the coordination of the Silder location. Also, after getting out of the Moth Bar, you must speak with Johnny.

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2. Getting Inside The Slider’s Hideout

When you finish speaking with Johnny, you must go to the Slider’s hideout and meet with Reed.

However, to get inside the building, there will be guards outside of the building who will stop you.

Furthermore, even if you try to talk to them about Silder, they threaten you and tell you to get out of there.

But another way of getting inside the building is to climb from the side of the building.

Likewise, there will be an open door that will lead you inside the building. However, it would be best if you went slowly and stealthily not to let the enemies know about you.

Similarly, you can use hide or stealth to move inside or distract the enemies using flash or smoke.

Beware of the camera and sensor which can detect you. You can hack and turn off those cameras and sensors, but it will alert the enemies.

So, if they find you, then you will need to fight against them.

Fighting against the enemies
Fighting against the enemies.

However, there are many enemies inside the building, and you might want to take healing medics in advance. It will take a longer time to defeat all the enemies.

It is important to exercise caution in the presence of automatic weapons and to promptly neutralize them.

After defeating all the enemies, you will find a locked door inside the room, which you must hack to open.

3. Meeting With Slider

When you go inside the room, you will hear Slider talking, sitting on the chair.

He won’t be pleased with you after you defeat his man and will argue with you.

Meeting with Slider
Meeting with Slider.

Afterward, you must convince him to help you, which he will eventually help.

However, he will warn you about the women and the blackwall, which he describes as dangerous.

When you convince him to help you, he will connect to the blackwall protocol.

He then starts to feel pain, and the scene slows down when Songbird appears out of nowhere.

Slider died due to short circuit
Slider died due to a short circuit.

She will try to tell you about the blackwall relic while glitching, and Slider feels more pain due to failed connection on blackwall protocol.

However, the Slider will die due to the severed connection and a short circuit.

Possibility Of Saving Slider 

With all the commotion that was going on while connecting to the blackwall protocol, it is harder to save him, even if you pull the plug.

Even if you save the game and try using a different option, he will eventually die due to a severed connection or a short circuit.

Unfortunately, there is no way to save Slider in Cyberpunk 2077. Slider will have taken too much damage during the data transfer to survive.

The Bottom Line

Slider is an ex-voodoo user who will help you to find out about the blackwall and the woman that eventually cost him his life.

You cannot save him from dying through the blackwall connection during data transfer.

Overall, you cannot prevent this from happening or revive him afterward.

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