DreamLight Valley: Find The Key Hidden In A Hot Place

hidden in a hot place dreamlight valley
Find The Hot Hidden Place in Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley brings us the final quest “A Prince In Disguise” where the players have to help the Beast find the key.

The main mission of this quest is to find all three pieces of the key which are hidden around the castle.

However, players must figure out the riddle to solve all the mystery and collect the pieces of keys to return to the Beast.

“Hidden in a Hot Place” in Dreamlight Valley is the first riddle that the players have to solve to collect the first piece of key.

Continue reading more about figuring out the hidden key in a hot place and completing the mission.

What Is Hidden In The Hot Place?

In this quest, Hidden in the Hot Place is the riddle leading you to the fireplace in the  Library Room where the key is hidden.

Since the key is very important for the Beast to unlock the Enchanted Mirror and give it as the perfect gift to Belle as an apology.

As Beast is not good at solving the riddle you have to figure out the riddle and unsolve the mystery to find the key.

Hence, finding the pieces of the key remains the important mission in this quest.

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Where To Find The Hot Place?

These are the methods that you have to follow to reach the hot place.

1. Locate Beast

At first, you have to direct towards the West Wing where you will find Beast standing there next to the rose.

hidden in a hot place dreamlight valley
Meeting with the Beast.
Then, the Beast will inform you about the riddles to unlock the Enchanted Mirror and give you three clues.
hidden in a hot place dreamlight valley
The Three Riddle Quest.

2. Corridor To The Library

From the West Wing, you will have to exit through the door. But the dilemma is that there are two doors.

The doors are one on the left side and another on the right side. You have to exit through the right door to reach the hot place.

After exiting from the door, you will see the wooden staircase. Move down the staircase and you will see another door on the left.

hidden in a hot place dreamlight valley
Wooden Staircase.

Now, enter the door, and you will find yourself inside the Library room.

3. Inside Library Room

Once you enter the Library room, you can find the fireplace in the middle of the room surrounded by the large wooden bookshelf.

hidden in a hot place dreamlight valley
Inside the Library Room.

Since the riddle says ” Hot Place’, the key must be somewhere around the fireplace but is seen nowhere.

Fireplace in the Library.
Fireplace in the Library.

Actually, you will need the help of Royal Tools to get the keys. You have to use the Royal Tools to get the Watering Can.

Now, with the help of Watering Can set off the fire and the key will pop out. Pick up the key and move on to solve the next riddle.

The First Piece of Key.
The First Piece of Key.

Finally, you have solved the first riddle and got your first piece of key hidden in the hot place in  Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, A Prince in a Disguise is an exciting quest with lots of riddles, mystery, magic, and adventures.

Likewise, among the three riddles provided in the game, Hidden in the Hot Place is the easiest one and you can easily figure it out.

Hence, be the savior, find the keys, and help the Beast reunite with Belle by finding out all the keys.

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