Starfield Operation Starseed: A Guide To Find Facility Key

Starfield Operation Starseed Facility Key.
Starfield Operation Starseed Facility Key.

Starfield comes with another enthralling operation Starseed with loads of adventures and risky missions to find the location of Facility Key.

Starseed is one of the side missions of Starfield in which you have to find the Facility key and complete it to get Amelia Earhart as your new ally in the game.

The main mission of Starfield Operation Starseed quest is to get access to the Facility key which allows the player to enter the facility room.

It helps to decode the data to escape from the robots and the clones and get a new companion.

Continue reading more about the facility key and how to complete the mission to unlock a new character.

An Overview Of Operation Starseed Quest 

After reaching another planet Charybdis III, you must speak with different leaders: Franklin Roosevelt, Queen Amanirenas, and Genghis Khan.
These leaders have their own distinctive opinions on how to handle the situation as they have different beliefs.
Franklin will provide a location to the Facility where you will discover the invasion of the robot models taking complete control.

Also, Franklin believes that everyone should stay in the Crucible as they are unable to travel the space yet.

Franklin Roosevelt in Starseed
Conversation with Franklin.

Queen Amanirenas wants to mend The Crucible and hopes their leadership will be known for a new Golden Age.

Starfield Operation Starseed facility key
Queen Amanirenas in Starfield.

However, Genghis Khan holds opposing beliefs as he wants to destroy the Crucible and escape.

Starfield Operation Starseed facility
The unpopular leader in Starseed.
Ada Lovelace provides you with the information that will help you locate Beagle (Zelazny 1) from where the robots originated.
Another landing space is the Beagle; travel there and decode to unlock the restricted area. The place comes along with security so you should be fully loaded.
Finally, travel back to the planet. The remaining leaders will be killed, and you will get Amelia Earhart as an ally.

Facility Key In Starfield Operation Starseed 

Facility Key is the key to open the facility door that helps to override and decode data from the Beagle Ship.

It can be found lying next to the computer desk in the facility room.

Starfield Operation Starseed facility key
Location of Facility Key in Starseed.

Additionally, players should remember that only after getting the Facility Key will help you escape the facility room and move back to the planet.

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How To Find Facility Key Operation Starseed?

You will have to follow the given instructions to find the Facility Key.

1. Find Ada Lovelace 

Ada Lovelace will guide you to the location of the Code which is located in Beagle where the robots have overtaken.

You must reach the location, find the foreign key that overrides the code and then obtain the code.

2. Locate Bel System 

The next location is Bel System which gives the location to Navigation Beacon that points the direction to the Beagle Ship.

The Beagle Ship is located on another planet (Zelazny 1).

Baegle Ship in Starseed
Baegle Ship in Operation Starseed.

In this location, you will be able to recover the code and get access to the restriction area from the abandoned ship.

3. Exceed Security System 

The location is secured with all the safety. So, you have to fight with robot models which creates the hurdle to stop you from accessing the key.

Similarly, as you get closer to the mission, you have to face the more powerful and vigorous creatures along with aliens.

Robot Invasion in Facility Room
Invasion of Robots.

You should also fight against all sorts of robots and clone models along the way. 

Rewards After Finding Facility Key  

After you have recovered and collected all the data, choose one of your leaders among Franklin, Queen Amanirenas, and Genghis Khan.

You should be careful while choosing the leaders because killing other unchosen leaders will provide you with credit points.

As a reward, you will unlock a new character Amelia Earhart who will appear outside of the Roosevelt’s compound.

Amelia Earhart in Satrfield
New Character Amelia Earhart.

Finally, the Starfield Operation Starseed is over and Amelia Earhart will be one of your allies and companions for the next quest.

The Bottom Line

Lastly, you can successfully complete the Starseed quest after traveling to another world and finding the facility key.

Finding the Facility Key remains one of the difficult challenges as you face different confrontations with all sorts of adventures and fun.

Hence, if you are a fan of Starfield, then Operation Starseed is one of the fascinating quests you should try.

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