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Heart Of Mars: Is It Worth To Keep Or Sell?

Starfield brings us another exciting side quest “Heart of Mars” where we can travel to Mars and possess a new valuable mineral.

The heart of Mars is a valuable mineral, a titanium rock on the Martian landscape inside the cave.

After acquiring the Heart of Mars, the common uncertainty that occurs among the players is whether to keep it or sell it.

Continue to read more about Heart of Mars and whether it is worth keeping or selling.

What Is The Heart of Mars?

In Starfield, the Heart of Mars is one of the rarest minerals which can be acquired only after completing the mission.

It is a medium-sized heavy mineral that weighs around 10.0 and is worth 28,000 credits.

heart of mars keep or sell
Heart of Mars in Starfield.

Moreover, the Heart of Mars is found inside the Martian surface in a cave, which mining should extract.

Likewise, the player can extract this mineral using the cutter, and the extraction process is similar to extracting other minerals.

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Where To Find The Heart Of Mars?

Follow these mentioned steps to find the Heart of Mars.

1. Locate Laylah

At the mining site of Cydonia on Mars, speak with Laylah (Miner in Cydonia) who will give you the location of the Heart of Mars.

She will also warn you about the curse of visiting that location which later on turns out to be false information.

heart of mars keep or sell
Laylah (Miner in Cydonia).

You will find out the coordinates of Heart of Mars which is located in Martian wastes inside the cave.

2. Explore The Cave

After you reach the Planet Mars, the coordinates will guide you inside the cave where the Heart of Mars is found.

heart of mars keep or sell
Coordinate of the Location.

Since the cave is quite dark, you should probably use a flashlight and start to navigate in that direction at the bottom of the cave.

heart of mars keep or sell
Inside the Dark Cave.

Moreover, you should extract the Heart of Mars using the clutter with the proper extraction method you use to extract other minerals.

3. Return To Cydonia

Finally, after all the getting Heart of Mars, you should return back to Cydonia where you will meet Layleh again.

You can report about the discovery of the Heart of Mars to Layleh.

heart of mars keep or sell
Report back to Laylah.

However, Layleh will express the emotion of surprise and congratulate you on your new discovery as she was just pranking about the whole quest.

Lastly, the mission ends here leaving you with valuable items worth 28,000 credits.

Is The Mineral Worth Keeping Or Selling?

Since you have put so much effort into finding the Heart of Mars, it completely depends upon your decision whether to keep or sell it.

As we know, accumulating resources and minerals in your inventory or catalog will always be considered valuable in Starfield.

Moreover, it is always an exciting experience to possess your item as a reminder of your efforts and contribution in this side quest to planet Mars.

Hence, you can easily add the Heart of Mars to your Catalogue as a rare mineral and own the item.

However, Heart of Mars may be one of the rare minerals, but it has no specific use or special benefits that will further assist in the Starfield.

But Heart of Mineral has a special credit though. It is worth 28,000 credits which you can sell in order to gain a profitable return.

The player has the option to sell the “Heart of Mars” with the merchant at any time to the Trade Authority.

Starfield Trade Authority.
Starfield Trade Authority.

Moreover, you can first increase and upgrade your commercial skills and then sell the item. Doing so will increase the rate, and you will earn some more extra points.

In return, the extra earned credit will assist you in moving forward with new updates and customization.

The Bottom Line

It completely depends upon your decision to keep or sell the Heart of Mars in the Starfield quest.

However, keeping the mineral will do no benefit in the game so most of the players sell the item to get extra credit in the game.

Lastly, whether you decide to keep or sell the Heart of Mars, all that matters is your adventure and experience in this exciting quest.

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