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Choices In Lies of P: Are You A Human Or A Puppet?

Lies of P has many quests that help fulfill the game’s main campaign and help you gain points, resources, and unique items.

In the game, you take on the role of Pinocchio, a robotic puppet embarking on an uncompromising journey of being a human.

At the beginning of the game in Hotel Krat you will be asked a question to enter the realm, and you can enter only if you lie.

The entrance of Hotel Krat in Lies of P awaits one of your major decisions, and you should reveal yourself as a human or a puppet, where one is a lie.

Continue reading more to discover whether to choose a Human or a Puppet in Lies of P.

Hotel Krat In Lies Of P

Hotel Krat is a base in the game that allows you to upgrade equipment and improve the overall performance of your character.

In the hotel, you can explore different places, encounter many enemies and Bosses, unlock secrets and find many valuable items.

To enter Hotel Krat, you should either lie about being human or reveal your puppet identity.

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Choosing Between A Human And A Puppet

After you defeat “Parade Master Boss,” you will have your interaction with the door, and you will be asked a question.

When you try to access the door, The Hotel Defense System will ask you a question: “Who are you?“.

lies of p human or puppet
Option at the Hotel Krat to enter the door.

The question comes with two options: Puppet and Human.

While you are playing the puppet’s character, you are supposed to lie and answer that you are a Human.

The two option has two different consequences, Now, let’s take a look at the result of both choices.

Revealing Yourself As A Human

When you choose to lie and reveal yourself as a human, you get access to the door in Hotel Krat.

The puppets can not lie as per the Grand Covenant’s Fourth Law; this without any suspicions lets you gain entry access.

welcome to Hotel Krat
Hotel Krat welcomes after players choose the Human option.

In Lies of P, lying has significant rewards, and as you choose to speak your first lie, you unlock a bronze trophy, “First Lie.”

You will also receive messages like ‘your springs are reacting’ and “the Ergo is responding.”

These messages help you acknowledge that you are on the right path and leaning in their direction.

Along with the entrance through the door, you can also observe some changes in your character.

entrance through the door
Entrance through the hotel door.

Revealing Yourself As A Puppet

Similarly, when you choose to reveal yourself as a puppet, you are denied access through the door thinking puppets are the constant source of trouble.

As this is the beginning of the game, you can always take a step back and interact with the door again.

And this time around, you will know your way through the door and what option to choose if you want to achieve your first trophy.

Hotel Krat asks you to leave the premises.
Hotel Krat asks you to leave the premises.

Likewise, not choosing any option from the provided choices will not let you access the door.

The choice of choosing between a human and a puppet might initially seem like a significant decision, but it is just a primary illusion.

It helps to confuse and lure the players into thinking if they should gain humanity or remain true to their puppet nature.

The Bottom Line

When faced with the pivotal decision at the entrance of Hotel Krat, players must choose between deception and honesty.

The choice at the door introduces the humanity mechanic, which tracks player decisions and influences the game’s narrative.

Nevertheless, the story weaved for your gameplay is thrilling whether you lie about being human or reveal your puppet identity.

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