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Lies Of P Manus Weakness: How To Defeat Him?

Lies of P is a journey full of excitement for players, with many bosses to take on in the game.

Bosses are unique enemies with large health pools and strengths that you must defeat to proceed further in the game and complete the missions.

In this game, Simon Manus is one of the main bosses who appears during the game’s final battle. He is more powerful than other bosses and must be defeated in two phases. However, Manus weakness in Lies of P includes the Acidic Explosion.

Continue reading to learn more about Simon Manus and his weaknesses in Lies of P.

Who Is Simon Manus In Lies Of P?

Simon Manus is one of the final bosses and antagonists in Lies of P, located in the Arche Abbey Area.

Additionally, Simon wields a heavy mace that slows him down, but its leaping attack has a wide range.

His basic attacks include a side-to-side sweep, dash attacks, leaping attacks, an overhead slam and a long-range jab.

Simon Manus in Lies of P.
Simon Manus in Lies of P.

He has two versions during the fight in the game. Simon Manus, Awakened God, is the awakened version of his other version, Arm of God.

The awakened version is more potent, with unique attack combos and patterns.

Further, in the game, players are rewarded with rare ergos after defeating the bosses. These ergos are essential to acquire Special boss weapons.

Similarly, when you defeat Simon Manus, you get Fallen One’s Ergo. You can exchange this ergo for “Noblesse Oblige,” a special weapon.

Noblesse Oblige weapon
Noblesse Oblige weapon you get after exchanging Fallen One’s Ergo.

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Weakness Of Manus In Lies Of P

Though Manus is one of the powerful bosses in Lies of P, some of his weakness exist.

Further, one of his strengths is that he can trick players with the timing between the attacks and fool them into making the wrong move.

During this time, he attacks with another swing. Also, his greatest strength lies in his ability to combat against electricity.

However, the major Manus weakness in Lies of P includes his low resistance against the Acidic Explosions.

You can clear his HP easily if you save your big attacks and continue attacking him aggressively with the acid grindstone.

Also, another weakness of Manus is that he has a weak point in front of his head. Players can take advantage of this during the fight in phase 1.

After the fight in phase 1, it initiates the next part of the attack against the Awakened God.

How To Beat Simon Manus In Lies Of P?

Simon Manus is one of the most difficult bosses to defeat. In the first phase, he is the Arm of God, where he has a giant mace and swings.

In the second phase, he is an awakened version, where he has more strength and power.

Phase 1: Arm of God

The first phase is comparatively easy. Minus just uses his mace to slam you repeatedly in the battle.

You should be good at guarding and blocking to fight with him in this phase. This gives you the time to upgrade your HP.

Manus weakness in Lies of P as arm of god in Phase 1
Simon Manus is the arm of god in Phase 1.

Then, sprint close to him to hit with fable arts and moves, reducing his heath that is denoted by the red line in the game.

Phase 2: Awakened God

In Lies of P, fighting with Simon Manus in phase 2 is more challenging. In this phase, he is faster with his mace and more aggressive with his swinging.

His attacks are more powerful and hard to guard this time. He is equipped with special moves such as tracking orbs, wind attacks, sun spears and magic explosions.

While he tries to mace you, just run out of the sun spears. In the meantime, charge your weapon and heal your health.

Simon Manus as Awakened God in Phase 2
Simon Manus as the Awakened God in Phase 2.

He’s also gonna slam magic into the ground which means there’s gonna be three tracking magic explosions. The best way to fight is to avoid it.

Then, keep on guarding, blocking and after that run over to hit on his back with your fatal attacks.

Also with his hand of god, he has the ability to do laser attacks. This usually happens after the sun bowl appears.

You should look for the opportunity while he is staggering to use your fable attacks to defeat him while avoiding all the laser and wind moves.

The Bottom Line

Overall, defeating Simon Manus, the Awakened God in Lies of P can be extremely challenging.

However, knowing his combat styles and strengths and weaknesses can help players defeat him easily.

Manus weakness lies against the Acidic explosions in Lies of P that players can use against him during the battle.

After all, defeating him rewards players with Arm of God quest items and the Fallen One’s Ergo.

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