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Lies of P Boss Weapon Vendor

Lies of P provides various types of weapons and amulets throughout the game.

However, to get the special boss weapons, you must defeat the game’s bosses and collect some ergos.

Players can get their hands on special types of boss weapons after locating the vendor. Alidoro is a boss weapon vendor in Lies of P who sells these weapons and amulets in exchange for Ergos.

Continue reading to learn more about how to get Boss weapons from the Vendor in Lies of P.

What Are Boss Weapons In Lies Of P?

Boss weapons are the particular weapons in Lies of P that players can unlock by exchanging a unique ergo obtained from defeating a boss.

Each unique boss drops a unique ergo after you defeat them, which is used to obtain the boss weapons.

For example, defeating the Scrapped Watchman boss rewards the player with the broken hero’s ergo.

However, unlike regular weapons, the blades and handles of boss weapons cannot be modified.

Here’s a list of all the Boss weapons you get in Lies of P with their Motivity, Technique and Ergo which you can exchange to get these weapons.

Boss WeaponMotivityTechniqueErgo
Seven Coil Spring SwordBCParade Leader's Ergo
EtiquetteDABroken Hero's Ergo
Holy sword of the ArkBCKing's Flame Ergo
Trident of the CovenantCBTwisted Angel's Ergo
Puppet RipperCBBurnt-White King's Ergo
Frozen FeastBCReborn Champions Ergo
Two dragon swordDAPuppet-Devouring Green Hunter's Ergo
Uroboros EyeCBSad Zealot's Ergo
Noblesse ObligeADFallen One's Ergo
Proof of HumanityBBNameless Puppet's Ergo

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Boss Weapon Vendor In Lies Of P

Alidoro is a vendor in Lies of P who provides special boss weapons and amulets in exchange for the Ergos.

You obtain a rare ergo after every boss battle and defeating the bosses. Additionally, each boss weapon requires a distinct ergo to exchange.

Then you’ll come across the merchant, Alidoro with whom you can exchange each one for a powerful weapon or amulet.

Where Can You Find Alidoro?

You can find alidoro in Chapter IV once you reach the Stargazer. Go to the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library.

Saint Cathedral location
St. Frangelico Cathedral Library in Chapter IV.

Once you are here, go to the hallway on the left. However, there is a trap in the hallway, so don’t step on that.

Now, you can run past all the enemies and go to the room on the floor above.

After you reach this room, you can find an elevator here. Head up the lift, and you will find Alidoro waiting for you.

Once you talk to him, you will be given the option to choose between Hotel Krat and Venigni Works.

Two options to choose
Two options while talking to Alidoro.

No matter what option you choose, you can get boss weapons from him.

Choosing different options leads you to:

1. Hotel Krat

When you choose the Hotel Krat option, you need to teleport to that location.

From here, run towards the stairs and then take the hallway to the left. Alidoro will be in the corner on the right once the hallway ends.

Then, you have the option to choose the boss weapon you want.

2. Venigni Works

However, if you go for the venigni works, Alidoro will teleport to the workshop union.

To find him, you can teleport to the workshop union entrance. Once you are here, go up the stairs to the room to your left, he’ll be there.

Again, you have two options: whichever you choose, you will go to the hotel.

After that, all the choices of the weapon and amulets are shown, which you can craft with your current Ergo.

Types Of Boss Weapons

Various types of Boss Weapons that you can acquire in Lies of P are:

1. Etiquette

Etiquette is a very light weapon with quick attacks. This weapon is a bagger umbrella that comes with a single stab and absolute counterattack.

However, it doesn’t have the ability to slash left and right, so you cannot hit multiple enemies at once.

Etiquette Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Etiquette is a dagger-type weapon.

The basic moveset is very similar to a Rapier. You can get this weapon after you defeat the Scrapped Watchman boss.

2. Frozen Feast

It is a slightly heavy weapon with a very slow swing. Frozen Feast has a decent range of attacks and doesn’t do much damage to the enemies.

Frozen Feast Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Frozen Feast is a type of Greatsword.

Further, you need to defeat Champion Victor to get your hands on this weapon.

3. Holy Sword Of The Ark

This weapon is very heavy weight and also very slow. It has a left swing, a right swing, and also a decent upward swing.

Holy Sword of the Ark Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Holy Sword of the Ark is a type of Greatsword.

Defeating the King’s Flame Fuoco rewards you with this weapon.

4. Noblesse Oblige

This weapon is also a very heavy, gigantic weapon with 24.7 weight.

Similarly, it has a smashing attack to hammer someone into the ground followed by a large wind-up slab but with a low range.

Noblesse Oblige Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Noblesse Oblige is a blunt heavy-weight weapon.

You need to defeat Simon Manus to acquire Noblesse Oblige.

5. Proof Of Humanity

It’s an incredible weapon with very fast slashing and a good attack range. You need to defeat Nameless Puppet to get this boss weapon.

Proof of Humanity Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Proof of Humanity is a sword-type weapon.

It allows you to use an extra fable slot to slash enemies up to three more times.

6. Puppet Ripper

The weapon comes with a quick upward slash and storm-spinning slash. Defeating the King of Puppets grants you the Puppet Ripper.

Puppet Ripper Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Puppet Ripper is a lightweight sword weapon.

It is not that heavy and relatively fast for a big weapon. However, the attack range is short.

7. Seven-Coil Spring Sword

It is a very heavy weapon with a left swing and an overhead swing for fast attacks.

Similarly, defeating the Parade Master boss, rewards the players with this sword.

seven-coil spring sword
Seven-coil spring is a greatsword.

Also, for the charge attack, it provides a slow wind-up. Similarly, a fable art has a little rain of fire with a strong downward blow.

Furthermore, the multiple explosions will cause heavy damage to the enemies in front of you.

8. Trident Of The Covenant

Trident of the Covenant has a forward stab and is a bit slower than the dagger. To get this weapon, you need to defeat Fallen Bishop Andreus.

Trident of the Covenant
Trident of the Covenant is a blunt lightweight boss weapon.

It has a good range with above-average damage than other weapons.

9. Two Dragons Sword

This weapon has a really good dash attack. Players need to kill Puppet-Devouring Green Monster for this special boss weapon.

Two Dragons Sword Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Two Dragons Sword is less weight with a good attack range.

The weapon comes with a link emergency Dodge and wind of swords having a good range of attacks.

10. Uroboros’s Eye

Killing Laxasia gets you Uroboro’s eye. It has a fast attack and quite a good range.

Uroboro's Eye Boss Weapon in Lies of P
Uroboro’s Eye is a sword type of boss weapon.

It gives you a double swing for the overhead attack that travels forward.

The Bottom Line

Overall, players can easily get special weapons from the boss weapon vendor, Alidoro, in Lies of P.

He crafts a special weapon for you in exchange for the ergos that you get after defeating unique bosses in different game stages.

Further, you can use these magnificent weapons to battle with different bosses later in the game.

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