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5 Best Quartz Upgrades In Lies Of P

In Lies of P, you can improve your character’s performance and game-play experience using the best quartz upgrades.

Quartz upgrades will unlock the unique abilities of P-organ associated with the main character of Lies of P, Pinocchio. 

Continue reading more about the quartz upgrades of Lies of p and its locations.

What Are Quartz In Lies Of P?

Quartz is the special stone a player can access in lies of P. But it is not an easy endeavor to get quartz as it is one of the rarest materials in the game.

Quartz Crystal
Getting a Quartz Crystal.

An upgrade system in lies of p, called P-organ, will assist Pinocchio in upgrading its game-play experience.

Furthermore, you will need quartz to access various P-organ System abilities and upgrades.

Best Quartz Upgrades In Lies Of P

In Lies of P, players need to fill the empty slots with quartz to access a variety of abilities.

Quartz upgrades that the player gets in Lies of P differ at each phase of the P-organ system, thus giving them unique abilities.

Similarly, you need to spend quartz on the ability type you need to progress to another higher phase.

Below described are the best quartz upgrades in lies of p:

1. Increase Pulse Cells

Pulse cells are the healing items in lies of p. Therefore, the more pulse cells you have, the better your chances of healing from fatal attacks.

increase pulse cells
Selecting the ability to put into the empty slot.

Players can use the quartz to fill in the slots with the abilities they consider useful.

Moreover, you can find the Increase Pulse Cells upgrade in phases 1,2 and 3 of the P-organ system.

2. Increase Staggerable Window

Increase Staggerable Window is undeniably one of the best quartz upgrades in the P-organ system of Lies of P.

This upgrade allows you to stagger your enemy for some time so that you will get more time to prepare for a fatal attack.

increase staggerable window
Using Quartz Upgrade to select ability.

Players can get this upgrade in Phase 1 and Phase 5 of the P-organ system.

For example, you can use the Increase Staggered Duration ability to fill one of the slots with Quartz.

3. Add Amulet Slots

Amulets are special items in Lies of P that allow you to enhance various characteristics of Pinocchio.

Additionally, you can find a wide range of amulets throughout the game, which can be used to increase Pinocchio’s combat abilities.

For example: Life Amulet will assist you to increase max HP.

add amulet slot quartz upgrades
Abilities of amulet slot quartz upgrade.

Similarly, you can access the Add Amulet Slots upgrade in Phase 2 and Phase 4 of the P-organ system.

Moreover, players will need specific skills to increase the amulet slots which can be accessed by using quartz.

4. Retain Guard Regain

If you are playing strong enemies, your HP will decrease by receiving the damage from the attacks in the battle.

Therefore, players must increase their defense to receive less damage from enemy attacks.

retain guard regain is best quartz upgrades
Abilities in Retain guard regain upgrade.

Retain Guard Regain upgrade will allow players to regain some amount of HP after their HPs are depleted from fatal attacks.

You can access this upgrade in Phase 2 and Phase 5 of the P-organ system.

5. Add Fable Slots

Players might need Fable Art, a special skill to strengthen their weapons.

This skill is associated with your weapon, where the blade does the offense, and the handle does the defense.

Therefore, you will need to increase the fable slots with quartz.

add fable slots
Slots to fill the abilities in the fable slot update.

Add Fable Slots upgrade will increase Pinochhio’s attack force and incur more damage to the enemy.

Moreover, players can access P-organ System upgrades in Phase 1 and Phase 4.

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How To Get Quartz In Lies Of P?

Quartz can be difficult to find as they are rare items kept hidden in different locations across the game.

Therefore, you may get various kinds of rewards by finding secrets in those hidden locations.

Similarly, defeating powerful enemies like bosses can also provide the players with the quartz.

Some of the bosses are Parade Master, Mad Donkey, Scrapped Watchman, Puppet of the Future, etc.

quartz locations
Defeating the boss Parade Master.

For example: Defeating the Parade Master, a boss at the beginning of the game will reward you with one quartz.

Moreover, you can also obtain quartz by completing some of the side quests. In the same way, you can also buy quartz from the Merchant.

How To Use Quartz For Upgrading P-Organs?

Lies of P contains different phases through which you can play to get different upgrades and abilities for P-organ.

P-Organ phases start from phases 1 to 5, with an additional 6th phase which can be unlocked after completing the game.

Moreover, each phase contains different abilities that players can access by filling the associated slots.

Those empty slots can be filled with quartz, after which you can choose your desired ability from these four categories: Attack, Survival, Ability and Item.

lies of p best quartz upgrades
Phases in the P-organ System.

Similarly, different phases in Lies of P have four major upgrades in each of them. You can proceed to another phase only after accessing all upgrades in a particular phase.

Moreover, Players will need to fill more and more slots when they traverse through higher phases.

The Bottom Line

Each quartz upgrade in Lies of P has its own specific characteristics and associated abilities.

Therefore, you must choose the quartz upgrade that best suits your gaming style and combat abilities.

Moreover, players need to obtain as much quartz as possible to access the best quartz upgrades in Lies of P.

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