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Four-Fingered Glove In Lies Of P: Eugenie’s Gift

The four-fingered glove in Lies of P has many secrets to be unraveled, and you must choose between honesty and lying.

In the game, you’ll face a scenario where you must give a gift to Alidoro, but he won’t appreciate it. Your decision to tell the truth or a lie will impact your gameplay outcome.

In Lies of P, Eugenie specially made Four Fingered Glove to her friend, Alidoro and players have to deliver it to him. He will be disappointed after receiving the item, and you will have to return to Eugene and either tell her the truth or lie to her.

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Who Is Eugenie?

Eugenie is an expert in weapons who helps to trade or request specific services for players or equipment upgrades.

The Character Eugenie in Lies of P.

Similarly, she resides in a small shop at Hotel Krat, right of Sophia the blue fairy, but she is an outsider.

She uses her skills as a mechanic to help Pinocchio in his quest to overthrow the authorities.

Story Behind The Four-Fingered Glove

After defeating Champion Victor, you will meet Eugenie at Hotel Krat and have a conversation with her.

During this conversation, she will ask for a favor from your character to deliver her special gift to her friend. This gift is specially designed for Alidoro.

She was almost buried under the Workshop Tower when Alidoro came to her rescue as the Workshop Tower collapsed.

As a gratitude gift for saving her, Eugenie asks you to give Alidoro a specially made Four Finger Glove.

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Where Can You Find Alidoro?

As Eugenie tells you Alidoro is not in Hotel Kart anymore and you would have to deliver the gift to a different location.

The Barren Swamp Entrance.
The Barren Swamp Entrance.

She tells you that you can find him in the Barren Swamp area.

You must follow below steps to find Alidoro:

  1. Travel to the Barren Swamp Entrance Stargazer and continue to progress through the main storyline.
  2. Eventually, you will find a minecraft and a lever controlling it.
  3. Once you activate minecraft, you will discover a shortcut between you and the closest Stargazer.
  4. Now once you activate the cart and get down the road, you will find the entrance.
  5. You must take the road to your left just before the entrance and keep moving forward.
  6. And with your progress along your way, you find Alidoro just before the bridge.

When you present the glove to Alidoro, his disappointment becomes evident as he dismisses it as nothing more than a practical joke.

He then asks you to “take it back,” clearly unimpressed by the offering.

Will You Lie Or Tell The Truth To Eugiene? 

Players must return to Hotel Kart to update Eugenie. However, you have two options: lie or say the truth while responding.

Here are the consequences that arise when you say the truth or lie to Eugenie

1. Say The Truth 

When you tell her that Alidoro hated the glove and was angry to receive it, she will be disappointed, which confuses her.

She starts thinking about how he had lost his finger and the glove should have fit him and why he despises it.

If you tell the truth, she will reconsider her design and instead give you the Electric Blitz Abrasive.

2. Lie To Eugenie

On the other hand, you can lie to her, keeping her happy and satisfied that her thoughts made a difference.

You can say that Alidoro was happy after receiving the Four fingered gloves made by Eugenie.

Additionally, you can acquire the Fire Abrasive, a consumable that enhances your weapon.

The Bottom Line

Players face a complex web of characters and quests, with choices shaping diverse outcomes.

Four Fingered Glove symbolizes these choices, with honesty or deceit having significant gameplay and reward impacts in Lies of P.

As you play, the path you choose may lead to exciting and unforeseeable experiences.

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