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Explore All Mortal Kombat 1 Mastery Rewards

Mortal Kombat 1 Mastery Rewards are given to each character you choose to play with.

You can acquire various experiences with your character and various customization options, making your gaming experience exciting and worth it.

Mortal Kombat 1 rewards your character with Mastery Rewards to increase the Mastery Rank. Some of the rewards are Kombat Kard Foreground, Palette, Brutality, Taunt, etc.

Continue reading more about the different Mastery Rewards in Mortal Kombat 1.

Mastery Rewards In Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 Mastery Rewards are the special benefits that your character gets while increasing their Master Rank.

Similarly, you have to progress through the master ranks to achieve Rewards.

mortal kombat 1 mastery rewards type
Mastery Reward of Scorpion Character.

The rewards can range from new Fatalities to Kombat Kard Foreground to new Palettes for all the characters.

However, different game characters have unique and specific rewards, enabling you to showcase your character’s achievements and combat abilities uniquely.

How To Increase Mastery Rank?

Players need to increase the mastery Rank of their character to progress in the game and achieve the Mastery Rewards.

Mastery Rank ranges from Level 1 to 35 for the Main character and Level 1 to 15 for Kameo.

Similarly, you must collect more EXP to increase the mastery rank for your character.

EXP of Master Rank Character
EXP example for the character in master rank.

Grinding through invasions will generally be an EXP boost for your character. Therefore, you need to play with your character more often to level up the rank in Invasion Mode.

Beating the invasion boss Scorpion will also assist you in increasing your Mastery Rank for your characters.

Similarly, engaging in as many battles as you can will also assist you in increasing your Mastery Rank with associated Mastery Rewards.

You can team up with other players and repeat the squad up and triple threat events to achieve more EXPs.

It will assist you to increase your main character’s or cameo’s level.

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How To Get More Mastery Rewards?

Reaching the Master Rank 35 is not easy, but getting there is not impossible.

In fact, you can even get to the higher ranks much faster if you know certain techniques and give a little bit more of your time and effort.

Playing in Invasion Mode using Relics can help you get more EXPs in less amount of time.

Similarly, players can also play mini-games like Test Your Might which can exponentially increase their EXP.

Not Junk Relic
Not Junk Relic for Test Your Might.

Moreover, if you attain a Flawless Victory during an encounter, you can improve your EXP by a great margin.

Participating in the triple threat events along with your Kameo will increase your chance of getting flawless victory.

This makes it one of the most effective ways to increase Master Rank EXP and gain more Mastery Rewards.

Types Of Mortal Kombat 1 Mastery Rewards

Mastery Rewards are mainly of two types based on the type of characters: Main character rewards and Kameo rewards.

These rewards can be gained by increasing your Master Ranks using the techniques discussed in the above topics.

Sub Zero Rank 2 Reward
Mastery Reward for Master Rank 2 of Sub Zero.

Each character in Mortal Kombat 1 has their own unique Master Rank rewards, either the main character or Kameo.

All these Mastery Rewards are of similar form for all the Characters as per their Master Ranks.

For example: When Sub-Zero unlocks a Palette at Master Rank 2, you can anticipate that all the other characters will likewise gain access to a Palette at the same Master Rank Level.

Therefore, below are the Mastery Rewards that you can gain in each of the Master Ranks for both the Main Character and Kameo Character:

1. Main Character Rewards

There are a lot of Main characters to play with to increase your Master Rank and thus get Mastery Rewards.

Some of the main characters are Mileena, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sub Zero, Smoke, Rain, Liu Kang, etc.

Here is the table that shows the mastery rank and rewards for the Main character:

Master Rank Reward
Master Rank 1Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 2Palette
Master Rank 3Brutality
Master Rank 4Taunt
Master Rank 5Brutality | Palette
Master Rank 6Kombat Kard Background
Master Rank 7Brutality
Master Rank 8Taunt
Master Rank 9Gear
Master Rank 10Brutality | Palette
Master Rank 11Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 12Taunt
Master Rank 13Character Art
Master Rank 14Fatality
Master Rank 15Brutality | Palette | Kombat Kard Background
Master Rank 16Gear
Master Rank 17Taunt
Master Rank 18Palette
Master Rank 19Gear
Master Rank 20Palette | x100 Dragon Krystals
Master Rank 21Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 22Taunt
Master Rank 23Palette
Master Rank 24Character Art
Master Rank 25Gear | Taunt
Master Rank 26Taunt
Master Rank 27Palette
Master Rank 28Kombat Kard Background
Master Rank 29Taunt | Gear
Master Rank 30Palette | Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 31x100 Dragon Krystals | Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 32Kombat Kard Foreground | Palette
Master Rank 33Palette | Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 34Kombat Kard Background | Palette
Master Rank 35Palette | Palette

2. Kameo Character Rewards

Kameo is the character that plays along with the main character to assist them in the battles and combat games.

Some of the Kameo characters are Cyrax, Darrius, Frost, Goro, Jax Briggs, Kano, etc.

Kameo Characters also get mastery rewards along with their main characters up to rank 15.

The table shows the Mastery rank and rewards for the Kameo Characters:

Master Rank Reward
Master Rank 1Palette
Master Rank 2Brutality
Master Rank 3Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 4x5 Easy Fatality Tokens
Master Rank 5Palette
Master Rank 6Kombat Kard Background
Master Rank 7Kombat Kard Background
Master Rank 8Palette
Master Rank 9Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 10Palette
Master Rank 11Brutality
Master Rank 12Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 13Kombat Kard Foreground
Master Rank 14x5 Easy Fatality Tokens | Kombat Kard Background
Master Rank 15Kombat Kard Foreground | Palette

The Bottom Line

Overall, each character in Mortal Kombat 1 has their own unique Mastery Rewards, making the game more exciting and challenging at every step.

Moreover, you can gain all the rewards mentioned above by increasing your character’s Mastery Rank with the techniques discussed in the above topics.

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