Starfield Secret Outpost Note Not Showing Up: How To Fix?

Starfield Secret Outpost Note Not Showing Up
Starfield Secret Outpost Note Not Showing Up

In Starfield, one of the secrets is the secret outpost note, a slate containing the coordinates of a hidden base on a planet called Denebola.

The secret outpost note is part of a quest called “The Secret Mantis,” which involves finding and infiltrating the base of a mysterious faction called the Mantis.

However, some players have reported that in Starfield, the secret outpost note is not showing up or that they cannot find it in their inventory after picking it up. This can be frustrating, as it prevents them from completing the quest and accessing the base.

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Secret Outpost Note Not To Show Up: Causes

Recently, players are reporting that thet cannot find the secret outpost note in their inventory or that it does not drop from Spacers.

Additionally, there are several reasons why the secret outpost note might not appear in Starfield, including bugs and glitches.

Here are some of the reasons for this problem:

1. Sold Or Stored The Slate By Mistake

The secret outpost note is a miscellaneous item that can be sold or stored.

Additionally, these slates can be stored in various containers, such as the ship safe, the bedroom safe, or the boxes at the lodge.

However, if the player ignored what they were selling or storing, they might have accidentally eliminated the slate.

2. Did Not Initially Pick Up The Slate

The secret outpost note is located on a station orbiting Lina in the Sol system.

Sol system in Starfield
Sol system in Starfield.

It is inside a data pad holder that can be easily missed if the player does not explore the station thoroughly.

However, the player may have thought they picked up the slate, but in reality, they did not.

3. Picked up The Slate But Did Not Read It

The secret outpost note does not automatically start the quest when picked up.

Additionally, the player has to read it from their inventory to activate the quest and get the coordinates of the base.

However, if the player did not read the slate, they might have forgotten or overlooked it, among other items.

4. Game Bug Or Glitch

This is a rare but possible scenario where the game fails to recognize that the player has picked up or read the slate.

This could be due to a bug, a corrupted save file, or a mod conflict.

However, players must report this to Bethesda on their official mail or social media if this is a bug.

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Secret Outpost Note Not Showing Up: Possible Fixes

Depending on what caused the issue, there are different ways to fix it and get the secret outpost note back in Starfield.

Here are some of the solutions that might help you solve the problem:

1. Check All Your Storage Containers And Vendors

If you mistakenly sold or stored the slate, you can find it in one of your storage containers or repurchase it from a vendor.

Additionally, you can look for a dark gray item with a yellow symbol on it. It should be labeled as “Secret Outpost Note” or something similar.

2. Return To The Station Orbiting Lina

If you did not pick up the slate in the first place, you can go back to where you found it and see if it is still there.

The station is called “Satellite Station 1” and is located in orbit around Lina, a moon of Jupiter in the Sol system.

However, the data pad holder is on a table with some enemies and loot.

3. Read The slate From Your Inventory

You can do so from your inventory if you picked up but did not read the slate.

Go to your miscellaneous items and look for an item with a yellow symbol. It should be labeled as “Secret Outpost Note.

Check inventory for secret outpost in Starfield
Check inventory for the secret outpost in Starfield.

After reading it, you will receive a message that “The Secret Mantis” quest has been activated and the coordinates of Denebola have been received.

4. Use Console Commands To Spawn Or Activate The Slate

If you’re unable to obtain or use the slate, it’s possible that you’ve encountered a game glitch.

In this case, you can use console commands or mods to spawn or activate the slate manually.

However, this option is only available for PC players and might have some risks or side effects.

To use console commands, press the ~ (tilde) key to open the console and type player.additem 0000f8a3 1 to spawn one secret outpost note in your inventory.

Then type player.setstage 0000f8a4 10 to activate “The Secret Mantis” quest and get Denebola’s coordinates.

To use mods, you can download and install this mod that fixes some issues with “The Secret Mantis” quest and adds an alternative way to get Denebola’s coordinates.

The Bottom Line

The secret outpost note not showing up in Starfield can frustrate players who want to complete the mission.

The secret outpost note is an essential item in Starfield that leads to a hidden base and a mysterious faction.

However, some players might have trouble finding or using it for various reasons. Similarly, using the above solutions can help players to solve the problem.

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