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Does Research Carry Over In Starfield New Game Plus?

In Starfield, the final mission One Giant Leap will allow players to either continue the game in the original universe or start  “ New Game Plus Mode”.

New Game Plus Mode is an exciting alternate universe mode where players get born as  Starborn in an infinite loop of the game.

Also, the players will have to start the new missions from the start however they will not lose all the progress from the previous game.

Starfield New Game Plus will allow the players to keep track of all the research projects and it gets carry over to New Game Plus.

Continue to read more to learn about what progress gets carried over the New Game Plus Mod.

What Is The New Game Plus Mod?

The New Game Plus Mod is the end mode where players will get the opportunity to replay the entire game but with an updated storyline.

Also, players will enter the light of Unity and become Starborn of the new alternate Universe.

research carry over starfield
Starfield New Game Plus Mod.

Similarly, what’s more exciting is that players can choose to make new decisions and alignments with updated game narratives.

Likewise, the New Game Plus Mod in Starfield comes with more exciting quests, brand-new challenges, and a better story.

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What Carries Over To New Game Plus?

One of the most frequently asked questions is “What happens to all the possessions, skills, and progress in the New Game Plus Mod?”.

When you step into a new universe, you lose all the physical beings behind however you don’t entirely lose all the tracks.

Here is the list of things that get Carries Over:

  • Name and Appearances
  • Skills and Powers
  • Traits and level of the characters
  • Upgrades
  • Progress of all Research
  • The Frontier

Hence, all the research, skills, power, and levels that you have earned in the previous game remain with you along the New Game Mod.

Here is the list of things that are lost:

  • Inventory such as Weapons and Armors
  • Ships
  • Credit Points.
  • Relationships
  • Tracks of Output
  • Mission

Unfortunately, you lose all the physical items in your laboratory, missions, quests, and credit points.

What are Research Projects?

Research Projects are those projects in Starfield that let you develop new items and mods that provide you with new craftable recipes.

research carry over starfield
Research Project in Starfield.

Similarly, the Research Projects are essential because they provide you with various recipes for a better version of armor and weapons.

Does Research Get Carry Over?

You should not worry because all your Research Progress and Research Lab Updates will get carried over to the New Game Plus Mod.

research carry over starfield
List of Starfield Research Projects.

These research projects that you will carry over to the New Game Plus Mod are:

1. Pharmacology

It includes crafting Reciepies for Aid Items to boost your stats

  • Medical Treatment
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Innovative Synthesis

2. Food And Drink

This project will equip you with consumable food items with new recipes. The food will give you energy for easy healing and also update the stats.

  • Old Earth Cuisine
  • Beverage Development
  • Exotic Recipes
  • Mixology

3. Outpost Development

Outpost are the base camp in Starfield which can be used for mining the resources, storing the items, etc.

Research Project will help you to unlock the module to build outposts in the Starfield.

  • Robots
  • Power Generation
  • Outpost Defense
  • Horticulture

4. Equipment

This module will provide you with the most essential equipment that will help you with safety and also assist in your missions.

The crafting recipes such as helmets, spacesuits, and pack mods will automatically be updated with you in the new Game Mod.

  • Helmet Mods
  • Spacesuit Mods
  • Pack Mods

5. Weaponry

This is one of the main advantages of the research project as it provides you with mods to attach to your weapon.

  • Barrel Mods
  • Magazine and Battery Mods
  • Internal Mods
  • Receiver Mods

The Bottom Line

As you enter the New Game Plus Mod, your research projects are carried over with you which is an advantage.

Further, the research project will help you upgrade and update different types of mods.

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