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Destiny 2: Guide To The Bladed Path Step 40

The Bladed Path quest lasts throughout the game of Destiny 2 and provides new steps and tasks weekly for Players.

Players must finish the first Quest, “Toil and Trouble,” before accessing the bladed path.

Guardians must fight with the strongest fighter in the early steps of the bladed path to prepare for the final fight with the Hive Goddess.

In Destiny 2 bladed path step 40, you must eliminate Lucent Hive, crush a minimum of 3 Ghosts, and defeat 15 yellow bar enemies with your attuned element.

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How To Start The Bladed Path?

Primarily, players need to complete the “Toil and Trouble” inside the mission “Way of Witch” to unlock the Bladed Path quest.

Similarly, players can complete the Toil and Trouble mission by simply following the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, you must complete the mission “Way of the Witch.”
  2. Secondly, you should release the Hive’s secret upon completing Savathun’s spire.
  3. Thirdly, you need to inquire about the Southern Wing of the H.E.L.M.
  4. Fourthly, you need to converse with Eris Morn and visit the Lectern of Divination in the Athenaeum.
  5. Finally, going to the Ritual Table in Athenaeum would be best.

You must follow these steps sequentially to access the Bladed Path.

Bladed Path Step 40: An Easy Guide

Players can find Bladed Path Step 40 on the quest of week 6 in Destiny 2, which is one of the challenging tasks.

Similarly, players can complete them in either the throne world or any seasonal activities inside the game.

Firstly, you need to visit the Quagmire Landing zone and proceed to Miasma for an easy way to complete this quest.

Upon reaching Miasma, you get close to the inquisitors of Lucent Hive and encounter a Light-bearer knight.

Fighting Lucent Hive
Lucent Hive in Destiny 2.

Similarly, you need to defeat two Light Bearer Knights by spraying your bullets and should crush their ghosts after killing them.

Additionally, you have to wait for another 20 to 30 seconds to let the Knight respawn and have to repeat the same process.

By doing so, you would successfully defeat the Lucent Hive and crush 3 of the hive ghosts.

Moreover, you must defeat at most minuscule 15 powerful combatants with your chosen attuned element.

Fighting Yellow Bars Enemy
Fighting Yellow Bars Enemy in Destiny 2.

You must go to the nearest lost sector and kill at least 15 yellow-bar enemies.

Finally, you would complete step 40 after crushing Lucent Hive ghosts and killing 15 yellow bar enemies.

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Other Steps In Bladed Path

Similarly, you must complete every other quest and step to finish the Bladed Path successfully

You are presented with several tasks at each step of the week 6 quest which are briefly discussed below:

During step 38, you need to visit the Holoprojector inside the H.E.L.M. and talk with Eris there.

Again in step 39, you need to visit the Eris Morn ritual table and attune with the void solar and Arc element.

For step 41, You have to seek out the Hive elemental runes hidden in the Lost Sectors of Savathun’s throne world and attune with them.

Attaining Elemental Runes
Attaining Elemental Runes

Similarly, for step 42, you have to listen to the conversation with Eris Morn and Immaru at the Athenaeum.

Further in step 43, you have to visit the Radio in the H.E.L.M and listen to Eris and Ikora’s radio message.

Again in step 44, you need to visit the holoprojector in the H.E.L.M and speak to Immaru.

Finally, in step 45, you have to wait until Eris Morn contacts you for further needs.

The Bottom Line

In summary, the bladed path of Destiny 2 is an ongoing event of the game and is expected to be completed at the end of November.

The quest involves several steps, including defeating Lucent Hive and overcoming the challenges related to attuned elements.

Furthermore, completing each step progressively unlocks the several quests of the Bladed Path quest in Destiny 2.

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