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Steel Watcher Arrest In BG3: How To Escape Them?

Baldur’s Gate 3 is an action role-playing video game in the universe of Dungeons and Dragons developed by Larian Studios.

Players have to make several choices that will affect the game’s outcome with different results.

Steel Watcher will arrest you if you try to enter the Lower City in BG3. You can use a different path, use spells, and maintain good morals to prevent the arrest.

Continue to read more about Steelwatcher and How to prevent yourself from being arrested in BG3.

What Are Steel Watchers In BG3?

Steel Watchers are the Non-Player Character that is large, mechanic constructs and resembles Golems in the game.

Additionally, they were created by Enver Gortash during the 15th century to serve him.

These mechanics Steel Watchers have a Health Point of 206 and an AC of 16 serving them with great attack.

Also, you have to complete various quests related to Steel Watchers. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Disable the Steel Watch
  2. Save the Gondians
  3. Avenge the Ironhands
  4. Get Gortash’s Netherstone
steel watcher arrest bg3
Steel Watchers as guards in BG3.

Additionally, it is difficult to defend Steel Watchers as they have impressive strengths, constitution, and dexterity.

Moreover, Steel Watchers are not affected by any kind of piercing, slashing, physical, or poison damage.

However, one of the best ways to defeat Steel Watchers is to damage them using Lightning.

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Why Do Steel Watchers Arrest You In BG3?

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you have to fight against the guard Steel Watchers who will arrest you if you try to pass the city.

When you attempt to pass through the South Span Checkpoint, Steel Watchers will confront and initiate an attack.

Here are the reasons why Steel Watchers will arrest you:

1. Wrong Moral Alignment

Steel Watchers are the guardians that maintain the laws and order of the city.

Similarly, they can access your moral alignment including race, class and background. You will be arrested if you don’t meet the moral and ethical standards.

Moreover, they can analyze the alignment spectrum with lawful, neutral, and chaotic options.

2. Undesirable Companions

If you have companions or groups that can come across as a threat to Baldur’s City, then they will arrest you.

Additionally, having the evil crew members along your side will make Steel Watcher suspicious and attack you immediately.

3. Unlawful Activities

You will be arrested if you have committed unlawful activities such as murder, theft, and immoral activities.

Moreover, the bad reputation and crimes that you have committed will make Steel Watchers arrest you.

4. Involving In Conflict With The Guard

If you refuse to cooperate with Steel Watchers while interrogating and questioning, then it will trigger Steel Watchers to attack.

steel watcher arrest bg3
Conflict with Steel Watchers in BG3.

Moreover, if you try to initiate a battle or hostile activities with guards, Steel Watchers will arrest you.

5. Trespassing City Operation 

In BG3, Steel Watcher will arrest you if you try to risk the lives of the city’s residents or disturb the city’s functioning.

Additionally, activities like being involved in chaotic activities and sabotaging the facilities will get you arrested.

How To Stop The Arrest In BG3?

Despite the problems, you can enter the city without being imprisoned in jail by Steel Watchers.

Here are some of the strategies that you can follow:

1. Good Moral Alignment

As Steel Watchers can access your moral alignment, you should maintain a good reputation and morality.

Additionally, you can avoid morally questionable missions and avoid assisting unsavory individuals.

2. Use Invisibility Spells

You can use the “invisibility” Spell and also cast it on your other members which will help you bypass the city.

Additionally, using the spell will make you unnoticeable and allow you to easily sneak past the Steel Watchers.

You should also use a turn-based mode to plan your movements and avoid detection. You should also be careful not to trigger any traps or alarms that might alert the Steel Watchers.

3. Faerie Fire Spells

You can also use the “Faerie Fire” spell to reveal invisible enemies, making detecting them easier.

Faerie Fire Spell in Bg3.
Faerie Fire Spell in Bg3.

However, you should update classes like Bards and Druids to access and cast the “Faerie Fire” spell.

4. Different Route Path

You can also choose to enter the city through the alternative path to avoid the confrontation with Steel Watchers.

Additionally, you can enter the city by climbing rafters or descending cliffs that will easily let you escape into the city.

5. Volo’s Surgery

Doing Volo’s Surgery will make you permanently see the invisible enemies. So, this can be very helpful.

In Act 2, you can perform a surgery done by Volo replacing your eye with an Ersatz Eye that will allow you to detect invisible enemies.

Similarly, this surgery is only available in Act 2 after you rescue Volo from the Steel Watch Foundry.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, players will get arrest even if they are slightly suspicious of Steel Watcher and imprisoned in the Jail.

However, following simple strategies and spells can prevent the player from getting arrested and entering the city.

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