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Fist Jara In BG3: Learn To Fight Her

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of secrets and mysteries, and one of them is hidden on the third floor of the Sharess’ Caress brothel.

There, you will find Fist Jara, a mind flayer in disguise who is having a session with a dryad named Naoise Nallinto.

Fist Jara in BG3 is a Flaming Fist soldier who turns into a mind flayer. You can encounter her in the Sharess’ Caress brothel on the third floor. Therefore, to fight Fist Jara, you must use your abilities and spells wisely to damage her.

Continue reading to learn the ways to fight with Fist Jara in BG3.

Who Is Fist Jara In BG3?

First Jara is a client of Naoise Nallinto, a Dryad in Sharess’ Caress in Baldur’s Gate 3.

She is a Flaming Fist mercenary who is secretly a mind flayer, a monster with psycho skills that can manipulate other beings.

Players can visit Sharess’ Caress brothel and have a romantic scene on the third floor.

fist jara notices you
Fist Jara noticed you.

However, she is not what she seems, but actually, she is a mind flayer.

She will reveal her proper form and attack if the player interrupts her. She is one of the possible enemies the player can face in the game.

How To Fight Fist Jara In BG3?

Fist Jara has high AC and HP, so you must use your abilities and spells wisely to damage her.

Follow the guidance below to fight with Fist Jara:

1. Use Abilities And Spells

To deal more damage to Fist Jara, you must use abilities and spells that target her low saving throws or deal psychic damage.

Characters use saving throws to block or mitigate the effects of specific skills or spells.

You can also use spells like Mind Spike or Phantasmal Force to deal psychic damage to her and exploit her vulnerability.

2. Avoid Mind Blast

Fist Jara may use Mind Blast to harm and stun members of your party psychically.

Therefore, you must either stay out of its range or make a successful Intelligence saving throw.

You can disperse your characters so they are not all contained under the same psychic energy cone.

You can also use spells that grant advantage on saving throws against spells, such as Bless or Protection from Evil and Good.

fist jara turning into mind flayer
Fist Jara turning into a mind flayer.

You can select up to three creatures within range with the blessing, and each time they make an attack roll or a saving throw, they can add an additional d4 to the result.

Further, protection from Evil and Good lets you choose one willing creature within touch range until the spell ends.

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3. Prevent Extract Brain

Fist Jara can also use Extract Brain to kill a stunned character instantly. This allows her to pierce the skull of a stunned creature with its tentacles and devour its brain.

To avoid this, you must either heal or restore your shocked comrades before Fist Jara can use Extract Brain on them.

the complete transformtion
The complete transformtion of Fist Jara.

You can use healing potions, healing spells like Cure Wounds or Healing Word, or revival spells like Revivify or Raise Dead.

You can also employ spells like Lesser Restoration or Greater Restoration to erase the stunned condition.

4. Kill Intellect Devourer 

Fist Jara can summon an Intellect Devourer to assist her in battle. To kill an Intellect Devourer quickly, you need to target its low HP and AC.

It has only 21 hit points and 12 armor classes so that it can be easily damaged by most attacks.

You can also use radiant damage spells like Guiding Bolt or Sacred Flame.

trying to protect jara
Naoise Nallinto trying to protect Jara.

Radiant damage is commonly connected with holy or divine power, and it is powerful against aberrations such as Intellect Devourers.

Guiding Bolt lets you make a ranged spell attack against one creature within range and deal radiant damage to it.

With Sacred Flame, you can force one creature within range to make a Dexterity saving throw or absorb radiant damage.

5. Charm Fist Jara

Fist Jara is not immune to charm effects. Charm effects are spells or abilities that alter a creature’s attitude towards another creature.

To charm Fist Jara, you must employ spells that affect her lowest save throws, Wisdom or Charisma.

You can also use spells that do not require concentration, such as Charm Person or Suggestion, to maintain other spells while charming her.

However, if you charm Fist Jara, this will also end the combat and prevent you from getting any loot or XP from her.

This is due to the fact that charming her will force her to cease fighting you and your teammates, thereby ending the violent encounter.

You will also lose the opportunity to loot her body or get any experience points for defeating her in combat.

The Bottom Line

To fight Fist Jara, you need to use your abilities and spells wisely to damage her.

She is immune to acid, cold, fire, lightning, and poison but is sensitive to psychic damage. She can use Mind Blast to stun your party members and deal psychic damage.

Further, she utilizes Extract Brain to kill a stunned character quickly and summons an Intellect Devourer to aid her in combat.

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