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Is Pickpocket Worth It In Starfield?

The items in the Starfield are a little expensive to purchase, and players will be starting with very low credits.

Therefore, pickpocketing becomes the only option for the players in the game to buy the items with their credits.

In Starfield, players will be pickpocketing NPC (non-player characters) to buy necessary items like weapons, edibles, spacesuits, etc. but you need at least one point in the theft skill. Afterward, simply reach out to the NCPs and press E to open their inventory. 

Continue reading to learn more about whether pickpocket in Starfield is worth it or not.

What Is Pickpocketing in Starfield?

Pickpocketing in Starfield is an illegal way to gain credits from NPCs (non-player characters).

It is done without them noticing the theft during pickpocketing, and if successful, players will be able to spend the credits.

In Starfield, pickpocketing is worth it because it fulfills the shortage of credits needed to purchase the various items in the game.

Gamers should remember that it is an inappropriate act and should be able to pickpocket without being exposed because it is a punishable act.

Players should invest at least 1 point in the theft skill for pickpocketing credits and afterward, gamers can approach NPCs by crouching for stealing.

Non-player characters can catch players while robbing and will report them to the authorities who will put a bounty upon them.

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Pickpocketing Tips In Starfield

There are sets of tips to be followed while pickpocketing. Some of them are explained briefly below:

1. Unlock The Theft Skill

Before pickpocketing, the thief skill is essential, as players have to survive remaining undercovered.

Gamers can unlock the Theft Skill in the first two rows of the Social Skill Tree.

Increase the characters and be able to gradually rank up their Theft Skill by successfully pickpocketing.

Approach the NPCs from behind select the pickpocketing options, and check the credits in the pocket of NPCs.

This won’t put players at risk as players can easily check non-players character’s pockets.

2. Identify The Color Of The Loot

To make Starfield pickpocket worth it, you can easily recognize the difficulty of the pickpocketing of the items by the four types of color.

Blue and Green color items are the easiest to pickpocket. Similarly, Red and Green are the toughest to pickpocket without being noticed.

3. Try To Remain Undetected

For successful pickpocketing try to remain hidden while stealing the items. The fewer people see you, the more chances successful pickpocketing.

starfield pickpocket worth it
Hide behind the NCPs before pickpocketing.

For this crouch and go behind the NCPs. Players can also use any object to hide and operate the pickpocketing successfully.

4. Choose The Items

After reaching the NPCs by crouching choose the items that are suitable to pickpocket from the NPCs and select the option “steal”.

percentage of being undercover.
The percentage shows how easy will it be to pickpocket this character.

A percentage will be shown next to the items that represent the chances of stealing the items successfully.

The success rate can decrease if a “detected” warning is given so players should take care of it.

Theft Skills Ranks

In theft skill, the Rank 1 player has the advantage to unlock the ability to pickpocket.

The Rank 2 players have the advantage of increasing the chance of pickpocketing by 10 percent.

Players with Rank 3 can increase the chance of pickpocketing by 30 percent.

Rank 4 players have the advantage of increasing the chance of successful pickpocketing by 50 percent.

It helps to grant the ability to pickpocket the holstered weapons.

The Bottom Line

Not having enough credits to purchase the items promotes pickpocketing in the game.

The players who can remain undetected while pickpocketing can easily get the loot and increase their credits.

Moreover, the Starfield pickpocket is worth it as it earns the credits to purchase many items for players.

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