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Should You Report To Bayu In Starfield Or Not?

There is a limitless universe of Starfield with exciting quests all along its way.

In the quest of Absolute Power, the players are all skeptical in choosing an option which alters their game’s ending.

Bayu is the leader in the Absolute Power quest, Bayu has the power to punish or reward you.

Players are debating if or not they should report to Bayu in Starfield. If they report to Bayu, he will be grateful for the loyalty and rewards for the service and if not, he will be furious for betraying the Constellation.

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Bayu In Starfield

One of the main quests in the Starfield universe is the Absolute Power, where you can investigate and report to Benjamin Bayu.

Benjamin Bayu in Absolute Power, Starfield.
Benjamin Bayu in Absolute Power, Starfield.

Players are all excited to know what options are available and who should be blamed.

Benjamin Bayu in the Absolute Power Quest, Starfield.

Benjamin Bayu is the CEO and the majority stakeholder of the Xenofresh fisheries and leader of the constellation.

He is a charismatic intellect but he also is overly ambitious and ruthless when it comes to achieving his goals.

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What Is Absolute Power?

The last mission of the Starfield is the Absolute Power where you can report to Bayu, the leader, or Estelle, a member of the Crimson Fleet.

While Bayu, is a powerful leader. Estelle is the one who helped you throughout the adventure.

In the game, you have an option to turn in three people for the stealing of virus.

Your own character, Estelle Vincent, and Breyson Bayu, who is the brother of the Leader Benjamin Bayu.

Consequences For Blaming Virus Theft

The game takes different turns with each option you choose and each one promises you an exciting adventure.

Let’s see what are the consequences for blaming each option would bring upon,

1. When You Decide To Turn In Your Own Character

Taking on all the blame and lying to Bayu is the first option which is easily believable.

Bayu buys your story and informs you how you’ll be captivated as soon as your fingerprint is found on deceased somewhere in the city.

As a consequence, a large reward will be placed on your character and you’ll be asked to exit the city.

2. When You Accuse Estelle Vincent Of Stealing

If you choose to be honest and turn in Estelle, Bayu would be surprised at your loyalty for turning in a member of Crimson Fleet.

You disclose that she is the most anticipated mastermind of stealing of the virus.

Further, Bayu promises a lethal outcome and announces that Estelle will thereafter not be joining in for further adventures.

Choosing this option sets you free and helps you return to The Key.

3. If You Hold Breyson Bayu Accountable For Stealing

If you carefully fabricate a story about Breyson being the culprit, Bayu will be bewildered but will buy that one as well.

Bayu has always thought Breyson which will put you to an advantage.

As a result, Bayu gives his word to handle his brother his own way and you get to escape unscratched. This can be the best viable option for you.

As you get off easily, damage caused to Breyson is minimum being Bayu’s family and the mastermind Estelle gets to evade easily.

What Is The Best Option That You Can Choose?

One of the best options for the players can be to turn in their own character and take in the full responsibility for the stealing of virus.

However, players can decide to choose themselves, if the character can handle the bounty hunters sent after them.

As a player would have more control over his character and the game compared to Estelle and Breyson.

Second option would be choosing Breyson as he would be treated less ruthlessly by his own brother.

Lastly, the help of Estelle throughout the game could be noted if she isn’t, turned in.

The Bottom Line

No matter what option you choose the end goal of a such fun and adventurous game is to enjoy it to the fullest.

Also, choosing yourself gives you power to decide your fate and bring changes.

You choose an option but that is not the end as you can always play with one option.

If you think, that the chosen options were not up to your expectation you can always exit the game and restart it with new options.

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