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Starfield Greenhouse Not Showing Up: Causes And Fixes

In Starfield, players can grow plants in greenhouses, providing them with food, medicine and other resources.

Players have reported that they are unable to place a greenhouse in their outpost and Starfield Greenhouse is not showing up. It is not visible despite the research being fully completed.

In this article, we will learn about why Starfield Greenhouse is not showing up and its possible causes and solutions.

Greenhouse In Starfield: An Overview

In Starfield, a Greenhouse is a structure that allows players to grow plants in a controlled environment. It is a modular building that can be constructed in your outpost.

You can craft a greenhouse by having the botany skills and being on a habitable planet with local flora that you have scanned to 100%.

However, some flora are unsuitable for outpost production and will not allow the player to craft a greenhouse on that planet.

In the game, you must unlock the Greenhouse and invest one skill point into the Botany skill. You also have to access the Advanced tier of the Science skill tree.

scanning flora and fauna
Scanning flora and fauna.

Botany allows players to scan, identify, and cultivate flora from different planets.

Similarly, players can construct the Greenhouse by unlocking the blueprint recipe from the Research Lab.

The player also needs to gather the materials needed for crafting a greenhouse: Reactive Gauge, Adaptive Frame, Sealant, and Fluorine.

These materials can be found by looting, trading, or crafting. The player can see the exact amount of each material they need in their inventory.

Once the player has all the requirements, they can build a greenhouse within an outpost. The greenhouse needs to be connected to power and water sources to function properly.

The player can then plant seeds of different flora in the greenhouse and harvest them when fully grown.

Starfield Greenhouse Not Showing Up: Causes

Recently, players have been facing some problems related to Greenhouse and are very frustrated.

Some players of Starfield have encountered a problem where the Greenhouse and animal barn do not appear in build mode after unlocking Outpost Engineering 1 and completing the research.

Moreover, you need to have such plants scanned to a level where you can grow them. That means you must re-scan the plants if you unlocked the botany perk after scanning the plants.

If you are on a planet without flora or have not scanned any plants to a sufficient level, the Greenhouse will not show up in your builder’s section in outposts.

It is essential to have sufficient knowledge when growing native plants.

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Starfield Greenhouse Not Showing Up: Fixes

Players who are playing Starfield are experiencing an issue where Greenhouse is not showing up.

To find a solution, players are discussing the problem in online communities.

One user shared a solution that worked for them and could potentially work for other players facing the same issue.

The solution for this issue is to scan the fauna and flora on the planet until they reach over 100%.

The player can use the scanner tool to explore the planet’s surface. Scanning the fauna and flora helps unlock new information and achievements.

Once the player scans the fauna and flora over 100%, the greenhouse and barn will appear in build mode.

It enables the player to grow some native plants in the greenhouse.

The greenhouse will automatically plant whatever flora on the planet the player scanned, as long as a water and power source is connected.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, Greenhouse is not showing up in your outpost and solving it can be tricky if you do not meet the requirements.

The Greenhouse is a valuable feature in the game that can help you grow and harvest flora and fauna.

To fix this issue, you need to be on a planet with flora, scan them to a high level, and then build and connect your Greenhouse.

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