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How To Find The Derelict Bright Star In Starfield?

In Starfield, one of the most intriguing aspects of the game is the strange encounters, which are random events that can happen as you travel through the galaxy.

One of the most rewarding encounters is finding the Derelict Bright Star, a rare and valuable vessel that can be looted for credits and equipment.

In Starfield, players encounter a Derelict Bright Star ship while traveling through  The Pup system. However, obtaining this ship is very hard and requires a lot of preparation.

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What Is Derelict Bright Star In Starfield?

Derelict ships are abandoned vessels damaged or destroyed by various causes, such as pirates, accidents, or malfunctions.

They can be found floating in space or orbiting around planets, and they usually contain some loot that brave explorers can salvage.

Derelict Bright Star is a unique derelict ship once a part of the Bright Star Corporation.

This powerful and secretive organization was involved in advanced research and development.

Bright Star ships are known for their sleek design, high-tech features, and valuable cargo.

However, they are also very rare and hard to find, as they were either hidden or destroyed by Bright Star or its enemies.

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How To Find A Derelict Bright Star Ship In Starfield?

To find a Derelict Bright Star ship in Starfield, you must travel to The Pup system.

Within the system, the Pup I planet can be found in the west of Alpha Centauri.

Further, you must scan the barren planet once you arrive at The Pup system.

The Pup System in Starfield
The Pup System in Starfield.

Once you arrive in The Pup System, you can see the ship in the dark shadow near the barren planet.

When you get near the ship, you will notice that the ship is heavily damaged.

How To Get The Derelict Bright Star Ship In Starfield?

When you board the Derelict Bright Star ship in Starfield, you will encounter extreme heat and take damage.

However, it would be best to get the key from the captain to escape from this.

To get this key, follow the below steps:

  • You need to lower the latch to unlock all doors on the current floor, then open the unlocked door.
  • Then walk straight to the two orange doors towards the medical room.
  • You must go to the room on the left of the dining area, where you will find a key on the desk.
  • There, you will see the captain’s key to your left, get the key and return back to your ship.
  • After getting back to your ship regenerate your health. You can also take a nap to restore your health entirely.

However, it would be best if you did this many times so that you don’t completely lose your health.

Afterward, you can quickly raid the rooms and the cargo for credits and valuable items.

Inside the locked room, you’ll find a variety of loot, including unique weapons.

It is safer to complete these tasks while taking time rather than completing them quickly.

Benefits Of A Derelict Bright Star Ship In Starfield

There are many benefits in any Derelict ship you find while exploring the planets.

Finding and looting a Derelict bright starship can be very rewarding for several reasons:

1. Credits And Weapons

You can get a lot of credits and weapons that can be rare and unique.

Bright Star ships have valuable items such as rare materials, exotic weapons, advanced equipment, and secret data.

Similarly, you can sell these items to vendors or use them.

2. Information And Secrets

You can get a lot of information. Bright Star ships contain a lot of lore and secrets about Bright Star Corporation and its activities.

However, you can learn more about their history, goals, enemies, and projects.

Similarly, you may discover clues or hints about other Strange Encounters or hidden locations in the game.

3. Experience And Entertainment

You can get a lot of satisfaction while completing and getting this ship.

Finding and looting a Derelict Bright Star ship is profitable but also fun and exciting. It is a challenge that tests your skills, luck, and curiosity.

However, it is also a rare opportunity that not many players will experience.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the derelict bright starship is one of the many derelict ships that can be found in Starfield.

It is very dangerous and requires extreme heat hazard protection.

If you want a challenge and a reward in Starfield, try to find the Derelict Bright Starship.

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