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Derelict Croatoan In Starfield: How To Find It?

In Starfield, you can explore a vast and diverse galaxy to encounter various planets, factions, aliens, and mysteries.

One of these mysteries is the derelict croatoan, a mysterious ship uninhabited for unknown reasons.

In Starfield, a derelict croatoan is an abandoned ship that players can find and obtain, which can be very difficult. However, they can use a scanner to find it.

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What Is Derelict Croatoan In Starfield?

The derelict croatoan is a ship that belongs to the Croatoan faction, one of the major factions in Starfield.

They discovered an ancient alien artifact that granted them advanced technology and abilities.

However, the artifact also corrupted them and made them hostile to other factions.

The derelict croatoan is one of the ships that the Croatoans used to explore and conquer other worlds.

However, something went wrong with this ship, and it was left adrift in space with no signs of life or activity.

The ship is still intact but surrounded by asteroids and debris, making it hard to locate and access.

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How To Find Derelict Croatoan In Starfield?

Finding the derelict croatoan is not easy, as it is hidden in a remote and dangerous space area.

However, some clues and tips can help you locate and explore this mysterious ship.

1. Preparation

First, you need a high-level ship with suitable sensors, weapons, shields, and thrusters.

You must also have enough fuel and supplies to travel long distances and survive hostile encounters.

However, you might encounter enemies, so prepare for battle.

2. Finding Location

It would be best to find a map or coordinates that point to the Location of the derelict croatoan.

However, you can obtain this information from various sources, such as:

1. Quests

Some quests may lead you to the derelict croatoan, either as a primary objective or a side mission.

For example, you may be hired by a faction or an individual who wants to investigate or loot the ship.

2. Rumors

You can hear rumors about the derelict croatoan from various NPCs, such as traders, mercenaries, pirates, or explorers.

However, you can also find hints and clues in terminals, logs, or transmissions.

3. Exploration

You can stumble upon the derelict croatoan by exploring the galaxy randomly or following your curiosity.

However, this method is hazardous and time-consuming, as you may encounter many dangers and dead ends.

3. Traveling To The Location

Once you have the map or the coordinates of the derelict croatoan, you need to travel to its Location.

This may take several jumps and detours depending on how far and hidden it is.

You may also encounter enemies or obstacles that will try to stop or hinder you.

4. Scanning The Area

When you arrive at the Location of the derelict croatoan, you need to scan the area and find the ship among the asteroids and debris.

Finding the derelict ship in Starfield
Finding the derelict ship in Starfield.

However, this may require patience and scanning skills, as the ship may not show up on your scanner easily.

You may need to clear some asteroids or use some tricks to reveal their position.

5. Getting The Ship

Once you find the ship, you must approach and dock with it carefully.

However, you may need to use your weapons or thrusters to break through some barriers or avoid traps.

You may also need to hack or bypass some security systems or locks to enter the ship.

What Are The Uses Of Derelict Croatoan In Starfield?

The derelict croatoan is a valuable source of Starfield loot, information, and secrets.

By exploring this ship, you can obtain various benefits, such as:

1. To Loot

The ship may contain rare and powerful items, such as weapons, armor, mods, components, materials, or credits.

You can use these items or sell them for a high price.

2. Find Information

The ship may contain essential data or records about the Croatoans and their history, technology, culture, or plans.

You can use this information for your knowledge or share it with other factions or individuals for rewards or reputation.

3. Get Secrets

The ship may contain hidden secrets or mysteries related to the alien artifact or other aspects of the game’s lore.

You can uncover these secrets for your curiosity or use them to your advantage.

Finding the secret message in Starfield
Finding the secret message in Starfield.

The Bottom Line

The derelict croatoan is one of the many wonders and challenges that await you in Starfield.

By finding and exploring this ship, you can experience a thrilling adventure and discover new things about the game’s world.

However, you must also be prepared and careful when dealing with this ship, as it may pose many dangers and surprises.

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