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Missed The Mark Key In Starfield

Starfield comes with another exciting side quest “Missed The Mark” where players have to track down the stolen data and make important decisions.

You must venture out to another planet Gargin where the quest Missed the Mark Key takes place.

In Starfield, the Missed Mark Key refers to the key that is used to open the doors while exploring Hawley. 

Continue to read more about how to complete the quest Missed the Mark in Starfield.

Key In Missed The Mark Quest

To search for the missing employee Bonifac Maksimov, you must visit Hawley, a Rock Type-Moon.

Similarly, there are various entrance doors in the Hawley which you cannot enter inside as the doors are locked.

When the players reach the facility entrance, they have to open the door which needs the key to open.

So, the Key is the only way to unlock the entrance doors in the Hawley which will allow you to enter inside.

starfield missed the mark key
Entrance Key in Hawley.

However, you can press the ‘E’ Key to open those doors.

As soon as you enter the main entrance in Hawley, the entryway will also require a key to open the door.

Sometimes players may find it difficult to open the door lock and decide to skip it.

Missed The Mark Quest: Guide

In Starfield, Missed the Mark is a side quest that involves helping Helena, a data broker, track down her stolen data from a former employee named Maldonado.

Here are the detailed steps to follow to complete the quest:

1. Meeting Helen Strickland

You should travel to the Planet Gagarin to meet Helena Strickland from where the quest will begin.

Helena Strickland manages the Reliant Medical Office located next to the US Security Office in Gargarin Landing.

starfield missed the mark key
Helen Strickland in Starfield.

Ms. Strickland will set you on a mission to backtrack the stolen data and free her lost assistant, Bonifac Maksimov.

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2. Find Bonifac Maksimov On Hawley

Once you head inside Hawley, you will find various rooms and sections with many enemies.

Similarly, you should head to the Abandoned Outpost where you will find Ecliptic members guarding the place.

starfield missed the mark key
Bonifac Maksimov in Starfield.

Likewise, Ecliptic Enemies are ready to battle with you when you reach there. Defeat the enemies and head inside.

You will find Bonifac in the room tied with a rope. Bonifac will reveal that Maldonado is the evil-doer of the mission.

3. Search For Maldonado

After the conversation with Bonifac, you have to go and find Maldonado to find out the truth behind the stolen data.

You should head deeper inside the Outpost where you will find Maldonado.

Meet Maldonado in Starfield.
Meet Maldonado in Starfield.

Now comes the twist of the story as Maldonado tries to lure you by offering extra credit of 1600 more than Helen had offered.

Accept Or Reject Maldonado’s Offer

At this point in the game, you will have two options:

1. Accept The Offer

Since Maldonado will offer you 1600 more credits than Helena, it’s a clear advantage for you to benefit from the offer.

If you want to accept the offer, click on ” You’ve got a deal. Bonifac’s all yours. Now hand over my money.”

Now, you can give Bonifac to Maldonado and accept his deal.

starfield missed the mark key
Accept Or Reject an Offer.

2. Reject The Offer

If you reject the bribe offered by Maldonado, then you will have to fight him and take back all the stolen data.

If you want to decline the offer, click on “We’re leaving here with the data, Maldonado”.

In this way, you can confront Maldonado and kill him. After that, you should take Private: Reliant Medical slate from his corpse.

Likewise, rejecting the offer may cause a loss of 1600 credits but will help you gain the trust of Constellation Companions in Starfield.

Return To Helena

After returning the Medical Stale from Maldonado, you should return to Helena to return all the stolen data.

Return To Helen.
Return To Helen.

You can deliver the news of turning down Maldonado’s offer which will help you to gain Helena’s trust and some extra credits.

However, you can lie to Helena about the Maldonado’s quest and end the quest.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the quest ” Missed The Mark” offers choices in which you gain the credits or the trust.

Additionally, players also need a key while performing the Missed the Mark quest in Starfield.

Similarly, it completely depends upon your decision whether to accept or reject the bribe of Maldonado, as it has many consequences.

However, rejecting the offer is right because you will gain the trust of Constellation Companions and Starfield’s Companions.

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