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Starfield Rename Ship Not Working: How To Fix It?

In Starfield, you can explore the vastness of space, discover new planets, and customize your spaceship.

However, some players have encountered a frustrating bug that prevents them from renaming their ships.

In Starfield, renaming your ship not working is a bug every player faces, which can be very annoying. Unfortunately, this bug prevents you from renaming your ship, but there might be a way to solve it. 

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Why Is Renaming Your Ship Not Working In Starfield?

According to some reports from Reddit users, the bug occurs when you capture and register a new ship in the game.

Renaming the Ship in Starfield
Renaming the Ship in Starfield.

You can rename your ship at the shipping guy in New Atlantis, but the name will revert back to the default one (Ecliptic) after you leave the ship building menu.

This bug affects only the new ships you capture, not the original ones you start with (Frontier).

Confirming the changed name in Starfield
Confirming the changed name in Starfield

The cause of this bug remains unclear. Still, players speculate it may be related to the game’s save system or server synchronization.

Some players have also suggested that it might be a deliberate design choice by Bethesda to prevent players from renaming their ships too often or using inappropriate names.

How To Solve Renaming Your Ship Not Working In Starfield?

Starfield players are eagerly waiting for Bethesda to fix the issue preventing them from renaming their ships.

Unfortunately, there is no official fix for this bug yet. Bethesda has not acknowledged or addressed this issue on its website or social media.

However, some players have found workarounds that may help you solve this problem.

Below are some of the possible fixes to this problem:

1. Rename Your Ship Multiple Times Until It Sticks

Some players have reported that after renaming their ship several times, the name finally changed and stayed that way.

However, this is just a speculation that no one has tried, but it might work for you. After all, trying for repeated time could work sometimes.

2. Reloading Saved File Or Restarting The Game

Starfield players have claimed that reloading or restarting the game fixed the bug for them and allowed them to rename their ships normally.

Regardless, it might work since it can also be a memory bug that doesn’t register new data. Similarly, there can also be a corrupt file that can trigger this.

3. Disconnecting From The Internet Or Playing Offline

Some players have suggested that the game’s online features or server issues might be the cause of the bug.

If you are facing such an issue, then disconnecting from the internet or playing offline can avoid this problem.

Although, you need to be online to register and save the file on the cloud.

4. Using Different Names For Your Ship

Speculation among Starfield players suggests that certain words or characters may trigger a bug that is incompatible with the game’s system.

Similarly, you can avoid this bug by using a different name or avoiding special characters, though these solutions are not guaranteed to work for everyone.

Moreover, Bethesda will release a patch soon to fix this bug permanently and let you rename your ship as you wish.

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How To Rename Ship In Starfield?

If you have solved or avoided the bug, renaming your ship in Starfield is quite simple and fun.

Similarly, you can also rename and give any name to the ship while not violating the terms of the game.

Here are the steps to rename the ship in Starfield:

    1. Go to New Atlantis, the game’s central hub, where you can find various shops, services, and NPCs.
    2. Find the ship guy, who is located near the landing pad where you can park your ship. He is a friendly ship service technician and mechanic who can assist you with maintaining and customizing your ship.
    3. You can talk to him and select the option “Rename Ship.” He will ask you to enter a new name for your ship. You can use characters, including letters, numbers, spaces, and symbols.
  1. Confirm your new name and exit the dialogue. Your new name is displayed on your ship’s HUD and the landing pad screen.

The Bottom Line

In Starfield, players have reported that the ship rename feature is not working correctly and is causing frustration.

Several players have encountered a glitch preventing them from altering their ship’s name. However, the game developer may develop an update to address this issue.

Currently, there is no official solution to this bug. However, there are a few potential workarounds that may temporarily resolve it.

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