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Starfield Ship Command Not Progressing: Causes And Fixes

In Starfield, various skills provide characters with new abilities and upgrades.

Players must level their skills to increase their rank depending on their play style.

Starfield Ship Command is not progressing because of various causes such as type of ship, game updates or random glitches. It also has some possible fixes that has worked for many players.

In this article, we will discuss Starfield Ship command and why it is not progressing in the game.

What Is Starfield Ship Command?

In Starfield, Ship Command is a skill that you can use to improve your performances and abilities in the game.

It is one of the 82 skills in the game, and it has four ranks, starting at rank one and ending at rank four.

It belongs to tier 4 in the social skill tree, allowing you to have more crew members on your ship. Additionally, it can help you with various tasks.

You can also command your spaceship, customize it, hire and manage your crew, explore the galaxy, and engage in ship-to-ship combat.

 Starfield Ship Command
Starfield Ship Command.

Similarly, the higher your ship command skill, the more crew members you can recruit and assign to different roles on your ship.

You can also unlock new perks and abilities that enhance your ship and crew.

As per the rank, players have to complete several challenges, and they can get bonuses after completing them.

Starfield Ship Command Not Progressing: Causes

Starfield players have been experiencing issues with Ship Command, which prevents progression.

The bug may be related to the type of ship or crew players are using. It may occur if the challenge doesn’t register destructions and boarded ships with a specific crew size, even if you meet the requirements.

Additionally, the bug only ties your ship command skill progress to one ship, usually the first one you get in the game. If you use another ship, the progress will not count.

Similarly, players in a Reddit community have expressed a problem related to this issue. They stated that their rank was ruined because they needed to board many ships with a crew of six or more.

However, the problem is that the Starborn ship only accommodates five crew members and cannot be upgraded or sold.

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Starfield Ship Command Not Progressing: Fixes

Players are frustrated after facing the problem related to the Starfield Ship command not progressing to the next level.

They are discussing the problem in the online community, and some have already patched it.

Some players have fixed this issue by swapping back to the original ship, the Frontier and unassigned and reassigning the crew.

You can also ensure that each crew member has a ship-related skill such as Navigation, Engineering or Weapons.

Another solution is to complete the “Overdesigned” and change your home ship.

You can also use the console commands to unlock the door of the ship you want to use and then turn off the clipping mode.

However, these solutions may or may not work for all players, depending on their game version and platforms.

If none of the solutions works for you, then you can wait for the official patches from the developers.

Moreover, you can level up your Ship Command skill by completing other challenges, such as upgrading your ship, exploring new planets, or completing faction missions.

The Bottom Line

Since players of Starfield are facing Ship Command not progressing issues, they have also come up with some possible patches.

Additionally, some fixes mentioned above may work for certain players, but they may also negatively impact the game’s progress for others.

Therefore, you must wait for the official patch from developers to address the bug and ensure smooth gameplay.

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