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Starfield Sona Stay Or Leave: How To Convince Her?

In Starfield, One of the characters you can meet is Sona, a young girl who lives alone on a planet called Cassiopeia I.

However, you must convince her to stay or leave with you in the game.

In Starfield, there is a mission, “In Memoriam” where you must convince Sona to stay or leave since it depends on your relationship with Sarah Morgan. The best option is to convince her to leave with you since it is beneficial and gives rewards at the end.

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Who Is Sona In Starfield?

Sona is a mysterious girl who lives in a small hab (habitat) in the woods of Cassiopeia I.

However, she has lived there for years since her parents died in a shuttle crash.

Likewise, she has no contact with anyone except for a friendly robot named Mantis, who helps her with chores and repairs.

She also has a pet creature called a Space Frog, which she found as an egg and raised as her own.

However, she has been hiding from the United Colonies (UC) soldiers who patrol the planet and the hostile wildlife that roams the area.

Sona relates to Sarah Morgan’s quest, In Memoriam, which involves discovering what happened to the UC Dauntless and its crew.

Sarah is the ship’s captain and feels guilty for leaving her friends behind during the Colony War.

Sarah Morgan in Starfield
Sarah Morgan in Starfield.

She wants to honor their memory and find closure. To do so, she needs your help to collect their genetags (identification tags) from their graves or the creatures that ate them.

You can find nine genetags in a high, flat area near Sona’s hab, but the tenth one is inside a giant creature called a Greater Silverfish. You have to defeat it to get the last genetag.

Greater Silverfish in Starfield
Greater Silverfish in Starfield.

How To Convince Sona To Leave With You In Starfield?

When you return to Sona’s hab with all the genetags, you can talk to her and learn more about her story.

Likewise, she will tell you that her parents were part of Sarah’s crew and trying to escape from the UC soldiers when their shuttle crashed.

Similarly, she will also tell you that she has been dreaming of leaving Cassiopeia I and seeing other worlds, but she fears losing everything she has.

Convince Sora to leave or stay in Starfield
Convince Sora to leave or stay in Starfield.

However, you can convince Sona to leave with you and Sarah by choosing the following dialogue options:

  1. You don’t have to be afraid. We’ll protect you.
  2. You have so much potential. You can do amazing things out there.
  3. You’re not alone anymore. You have us as your friends.

If you succeed in persuading Sona, she will agree to pack her things and join you on your ship.

Convinced Sora to leave with you in Starfield
Convinced Sora to leave with you in Starfield.

However, she will also give you her Space Frog as a gift, which you can keep as a pet or sell for credits.

Similarly, she will also ask you to take Mantis, as he is her only friend on Cassiopeia I.

Also, if you convince Sona to leave with you, you will gain some benefits:

  • You will complete Sarah’s quest, In Memoriam, and earn 250 XP and 10500 credits.
  • Also, you will improve your relationship with Sarah and unlock more romantic options with her.
  • Similarly, you will gain Sona as a new companion who can help you with hacking and engineering tasks.
  • You will gain access to Sona’s hab, where you can find some loot and resources.
  • Further, you will gain a new pet, Space Frog, which can provide bonuses or entertainment.

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What Happens If She Stays In Starfield?

However, if you fail to convince Sona to leave with you, or if you choose not to try at all, she will decide to stay on Cassiopeia I.

Likewise, she will tell you that she is not ready to leave her home yet and needs more time to consider.

Similarly, she will also tell you she is grateful for your help and friendship and hopes to see you again someday.

If Sona stays on Cassiopeia I, you will miss some opportunities, which are:

  • You will only complete Sarah’s quest, In Memoriam, if you find another way to get the last genetag from the Greater Silverfish.
  • You will not improve your relationship with Sarah and may lose some romantic options with her.
  • You will not gain Sona as a new companion and miss out on her skills and abilities.
  • You will not gain access to Sona’s hab and miss out on some loot and resources.
  • You will not gain a new pet, Space Frog, and will miss out on its benefits or fun.

The Bottom Line

Hence, you can convince Starfield Sona to leave with you and Sarah or let her stay on the planet.

Depending on your choice, you will have different outcomes and consequences.

However, persuading Sona to leave with you will give you more rewards and options, while letting her stay will make you miss some opportunities and advantages.

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