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Swarm Disaster Best Path In Honkai Star Rail

Swarm disaster is a new mode in Honkai Star Rail, where you must face waves of enemies and bosses with different abilities and resistances.

You can choose from different paths with bonuses and challenges, such as increased damage, healing, shields, or debuffs.

In Honkai Star Rail, choosing the best path for swarm disaster depends on your team composition, play style, and luck. Some paths are more suited for specific characters or strategies, while others are more versatile or risky.

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What Is Swarm Disaster In Honkai Star Rail?

Swarm Disaster is an advanced challenge mode within Honkai Star Rail’s simulated Universe.

Additionally, it offers an augmented gaming experience, expanding on the regular simulated Universe with innovative mechanics and enticing rewards.

The core objective is to navigate through a plane, encountering hexagonal spaces known as domains, each with unique challenges and bonuses.

The Swarm Disaster mode introduces the plane game board system.

Similarly, players must strategically select domains to navigate, each move reducing a countdown timer.

If the timer reaches zero, a debuff called Planar Disarray makes subsequent encounters significantly more challenging.

The goal is to reach the boss domain, accumulating blessings and bonuses while avoiding excessive planar disarray.

Top 3 Best Paths For Swarm Disaster

The game has eight paths in swarm disaster, each with advantages and disadvantages.

However, based on the feedback from the players and the experts, we have selected three paths considered the best for this mode.

Eight path in Honkai Star Rail
Eight Paths in Honkai Star Rail

Here are some of the best paths for Swarm disaster in Honkai Star Rail:

1. Abundance

Abundance path gives you extra movement points and healing bonuses. It also allows you to collect more blessings and relics, boosting your stats and abilities.

Additionally, this path is suitable for beginners and teams needing more survivability and flexibility.

Abundance path in Honkai Star Rail
Abundance path in Honkai Star Rail

However, it also relies on RNG and can be frustrating if you get bad dice rolls or mercy positions.

2. Nihility

Nihility path increases damage based on DoT (damage over time) effects and tile nullification. It also allows you to trigger DoT explosions with your skills and talents.

This path is suitable for teams that have characters that can apply DoT effects, such as Kafka, Sampo, or Luka.

However, it also requires you to have some form of healing or shielding, as you will take more damage from enemies and tiles.

3. Propagation

This path allows you to clone zones and skip fights. It also allows you to collect more resonance crystals and activate powerful resonance attacks.

This path suits teams with characters dealing high burst or AoE damage, such as Qingque, Dan Heng IL, or Clara.

Propagation path in Honkai Star Rail
Propagation path in Honkai Star Rail.

However, it also requires a good sense of timing and positioning, as you will have fewer fights and fewer chances to get blessings.

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Tips For Completing The Best Paths

The list of best paths for Swarm disaster might be what you are looking for, but you should also know some tips that might help you complete them.

Here are some general tips on how to complete the best paths for swarm disaster in Honkai Star Rail:

1. Maximize Your Movement For Abundance Path

Players can try to move as much as possible and collect as many blessings and relics as possible.

Additionally, you can use your rerolls wisely and aim for the green or yellow sides of the dice. Avoid the blue side, as it will reduce your movement points.

Similarly, you can look for the mercy tiles that can heal you or give you extra dice rolls.

Moreover, use characters that can heal themselves or others, such as Loucha, Bailu, Natasha, or Fu Xuan.

2. Increase Damage For Nihility Path

Players should try to apply DoT effects to as many enemies as possible and trigger them with their skills and talents.

Additionally, you can use characters that can do this effectively, such as Kafka, Sampo, Luka, or Jing Yuan.

Look for the blessings that can increase your DoT damage or reduce your DoT taken, such as Offerings of Deception or Call of the Wilderness.

Moreover, you can use characters that can shield themselves or others, such as Gepard, Asta SW, or Preservation.

3. Clone Zones For Propagation Path

You should try to clone zones that have good rewards or easy fights. You can also use characters with high burst or AoE damage, such as Qingque, Dan Heng IL, Clara, or Seele.

Additionally, you can look for the blessings that can increase your resonance damage or reduce your resonance cost, such as Resonance Amplification or Resonance Efficiency.

Moreover, use characters that can debuff enemies or buff allies, such as Ruan Mei, Lynx SW, or Elation.

The Bottom Line

Swarm disaster is a challenging and fun mode in Honkai Star Rail that requires you to choose a path that suits your team and strategy.

Similarly, the best paths for this mode are Abundance, Nihility, and Propagation, but they also have pros and cons.

Moreover, it would help if you balanced your damage output, survivability, mobility, and luck to reach the actual sting and defeat it.

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