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How To Unlock Shoto Todoroki In Ultra Rumble?

My Hero Ultra Rumble provides more than 20 playable characters; you have to unlock them to access their unique quirks.

You must utilize the character quirks and work as a team to win, unlocking new characters and rewards as you progress in the game.

The game My Hero Ultra Rumble offers a variety of characters, including Shoto Todoroki, who possesses the Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk, allowing him to both freeze and blast fire at his opponents.

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Who Is Shoto Todokori?

Shoto Todokori is a playable character in My Hero Ultra Rumble video game whose primary quirk is Half-Cold Half-Hot.

Therefore, his unique feature allows him to generate and control both ice and fire, and this character is obtained in level 3.

The Character Shoto Todoroki
The Character Shoto Todoroki in My Hero Ultra Rumble.

His ultimate moves include Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall, Wall of Flames, Flashfreeze Heatwave, Flashfire Fist, and many more.

His upgraded hero costume includes a temperature-resistant jacket, a combat vest, utility snow boots, and surge arm gauntlets.

What Is Shoto Todokari Capable Of?

Some fantastic features and abilities of the character in the game My Hero Ultra Rumble are as follows:

  1. Shoto can create a large area of ice around him that helps trap the enemies and slow them down.
  2. He is capable of blasting a stream of fire at his enemies, which helps to deal damage and knock them back.
  3. Shoto can freeze enemies in a particular place, making them vulnerable to attack.
  4. He can create a massive wave of ice and fire that rushes across the battlefield, which helps to deal damage and knock back enemies.

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Unlocking Todokori In Ultra Rumble

After you reach Rank 3, you will unlock Todoroki in the game My Hero Ultra Rumble, and you can select him from the character selection screen.

Here are some other ways to unlock Todoroki in the game:

1. License Tickets

Unlocking new characters in the game is possible using License Tickets, a valuable in-game currency.

You can unlock Todoroki in the Ultra Rumble with only 300 License Tickets.

You can obtain these tickets by completing challenges, leveling up your character, or purchasing them with Hero Coins.

2. Hero Souls

Hero Souls is another currency in the game widely used for customizations and unlocking new characters.

You can unlock Shoto Todoroki by purchasing a Character Ticket from the Hero Shop for 300 Hero Souls.

You can get the Hero Souls by collecting duplicate items from gacha rolls.

3. Specials

Specials are a type of character unlock ticket that can be used to unlock specific characters.

You can unlock Shoto Todoroki by obtaining Special Character Tickets through events or promotions.

Although Specials are challenging to obtain compared to the License Tickets and Hero Souls, they are suitable to unlock characters you desperately want.

Some Other Characters In My Hero Ultra Rumble

The game enables you to select your character at various levels, unlocking some for free as you rank up your Special License.

Character options in Ultra Rumble.
Character options in Ultra Rumble.

Here are some other characters and their quirks in the game:

1. Katsuki Bakugo

A character unlocked at level 2 of the game with a quirk named Explosion.

His quirk allows him to secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from the palms of his hands.

As he is a Strike class character, it allows him to create strong explosions.

2. Tsuyu Asui

You can unlock the character with the quirk Frog at level 4 as a player.

With her quirk, she can access many qualities of a frog, like extending her tongue, swimming, and hopping.

Moreover, she uses quirks to manipulate the environment.

3. Mr Compress

You can unlock Atsuhiro Sako at level 13, and he possesses a quirk called Compress, earning him the name Mr. Compress.

He can compress anything in a spherical area without damaging it.

Mr. Compress is a versatile character as he can surprise enemies with compressing.

4. Himiko Toga

She is a character accessible at level 15 with Transform as her quirk.

The quirk allows her to shapeshift into a physical lookalike and copy their vocals.

Moreover, you need to rank up Special License to get this character.

5. All Might

Players unlock the character Toshinori Yagi, also known as All Might, at level 30, and he possesses the former quirk One For All.

His quirk allowed him to enhance his physical abilities with strength, speed, agility, and durability.

Getting this character will help you dominate the battlefield as he is one of the most powerful characters.

The Bottom Line

In My Hero Ultra Rumble, you’ll immerse yourself in a world filled with over 20 distinctive characters, each with unique quirks.

You can unlock Todoroki with his Half-Cold Half-Hot quirk and he is just one example of the exciting characters in this action-packed game.

You can explore the game’s diversity, level up, and master your favorite characters’ abilities.

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