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Tadpoling Centre BG3: How To Find Zevlor?

Baldur’s Gate 3 main feature is the ability to interact with various characters and factions and influence the story’s outcome with your choices.

One of the characters you can encounter in the game is Zevlor, who rescues a group of Tiefling refugees to Druid Grove.

However, he went missing from there, which you can find out from talking to the Tiefling at the Last Night Inn.

In BG3, Tadpoling Centre is where you will find Zevlor, but first, you must have an active quest, “Defeat Ketheric Thorm.”

Continue reading more about Tadpoling Centre in BG3 and how to find Zevlor.

What Is Tadpoling Centre In BG3?

The tadpoling centre is a location in BG3 where you can find Zevlor.

It is part of the Mind Flayer Colony, a massive underground complex where the mind flayers, also known as illithids, conduct experiments on various creatures.

Mind Flayer Colony Map
Mind Flayer Colony Map in BG3.

Mind flayers are evil and psionic beings that feed on the brains of other creatures.

They can also implant their larvae, called tadpoles, into their victims’ brains, turning them into mindless enslaved people or new mind flayers.

The tadpoling centre is where the mind flayers store their pods, containers holding their tadpoles and hosts.

The pods are connected to a neural apparatus, which is a device that controls the pods and monitors their progress.

A tadpoling centre is a dangerous place, as it is guarded by mind flayers that can consume its prey’s intelligence.

However, some traps and puzzles can harm or confuse the unwary adventurer.

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How To Find And Save Zevlor In BG3?

To find the Zevlor, you must have an active quest, “Defeat Ketheric Thorm,” to appear in the quest object.

Here are the steps to find and save Zevlor in BG3:

1. Learn About Zevlor’s Disappearance

First, you must learn about Zevlor’s disappearance by talking to the tieflings at the Last Light Inn or using Speak.

You will learn that Zevlor was captured by a mysterious entity called The Absolute, which promised to restore his paladin status.

However, he then betrayed his people and led them into a trap.

2. Explore The Moonrise Tower

Next, you must explore the Moonrise Towers or the Moonrise Towers Prison.

Here, you will find no trace of Zevlor or his followers.

You will also encounter clues about The Absolute and its connection to the mind flayers.

3. Go To Mind Flayer Colony

Finally, you must reach the Mind Flayer Colony and locate the tadpoling centre.

You can reach there by going to the Moonrise Towers Prison, where you will see the hole that leads to the underground.

Entering through the Hole
Entering through the Hole

You will be inside the Mind Flayer Colony when you reach the underground.

Afterward, you need to go deeper inside, where you will reach the tadpoling centre.

There you will find the neural apparatus at the right side of the tadpoling centre and other capture victims.

Furthermore, to free Zevlor, you have to use the neural apparatus and choose to open all pods.

Opening the Pod using neural apparatus
Opening the Pod using neural apparatus

However, this will trigger a fight between four mind flayers and six intellect devourers.

You can join Zevlor and his uninfected companions in this fight to defeat them.

After defeating the enemies, you can talk to Zevlor and learn more about his story. He will regret his actions and promise to lead his people to safety.

How To Fix Some Of The Tadpoling Centre Bugs?

Some players have reported encountering bugs related to the tadpoling centre quest in BG3.

Here are some of the bugs that might occur in the tadpoling centre and how to fix them:

1. Neural Apparatus Not Working

The neural apparatus does not work or does not give any options.

If you enter the tadpoling centre and try to open the neural apparatus, sometimes it doesn’t open or give you the option.

However, there is a simple solution to this problem. You can restart the game, and it should fix it.

2. The Pods Are Empty

The prisoners vanish after opening or purging the pods.

If you leave the tadpoling centre before talking to Zevlor or his companions, this bug can happen.

Likewise, you can clear the cache by going to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Larian Studios\Baldur’s Gate 3\LevelCache to fix this bug.

The Bottom Line

The tadpoling centre is a crucial location in BG3 where you can find Zevlor and save him from the cult The Absolute.

To do so, you must use the neural apparatus and open the pods, triggering a fight with the mind flayers and their minions.

However, the tadpoling centre is where you can encounter bugs affecting your quest progress.

Furthermore, to avoid or fix these bugs, follow the above tips and tricks, such as restarting the game or clearing the cache.

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