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Fish For Something With Claws In Dreamlight Valley

Fish for Something with Claws is a duty that awaits you in Haunted Holiday Star Path, a limited-time event of Dreamlight Valley.

You can earn Lollipop Tokens by completing tasks to unlock exclusive rewards such as clothes, furniture, and Dream Styles.

If you collect a certain amount of fish that have claws, you are all set to earn the tokens and redeem the rewards.

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Fish For Something With Claws

Since Fish for something with claws is one of the duties in Diseney Dreamlight Valley, players must complete it and get rewards.

You must also catch three Lobsters or Crabs to complete the Haunted Holiday Star Path duty.

The valley fishing spots have many lobsters, particularly in the Dazzle Beach and Forgotten Lands.

The Dazzle Beach to fish for something with claw
The Dazzle Beach to fish for something with claw.

While it is less common, lobsters are sometimes found in the Vitalys Mine spot.

Moreover, you can use a fishing rod and cast your line near the bubbles that indicate where the fish are.

After catching lobsters and crabs, tokens are rewarded for unlocking Star Path rewards.

Duties In The Haunted Holiday Star Path

The Haunted Holiday Star Path has 60 duties or tasks to complete, each rewarding 10 Lollipop Tokens.

During Star Path events, you can undertake up to three Duties simultaneously, and upon finishing one, a fresh Duty will replace it.

If you activate the Premium Track with Moonstones, your available Duty slots will expand, allowing you to handle up to six Duties concurrently.

This enhanced capacity empowers players to efficiently complete more tasks and earn valuable rewards during the event.

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How Can You Fish?

Dreamlight Valley has various fishes, crabs, shrimp, squid and lobsters.

Players must catch them to complete several quests, and there are many ways to do fishing.

Here is a roadmap to catch your clawed fish to complete the duty.

1. Use Fishing Rods And Baits

Fishing rods are the most crucial asset of fishing, and bait helps to attract prey more easily.

Although bait is unnecessary, it will increase your chances of catching a Lobster.

The best bait to lure Lobsters is Squid, which is easily found in the Frosted Heights biome.

2. Cast Your Line And Have Patience

Players can cast their line into a fishing spot and reel in a fish when they feel a tug on their line.

Additionally, once you retrieve your fishing rod and catch a lobster, it will be added to your inventory.

Once you capture three lobsters, you will complete the “Fish for something with claws” duty and earn a reward of 10 Lollipop Tokens.

Also, the duty is to collect a fish with a claw, so you can complete it by collecting three crabs instead of lobsters, where the reward is the same.

Some Other Fishing Duties

The fishing duty is not limited to only catching fish with claws. The star path provides plenty of other fishing-related activities, gluing you to your seats.

Similarly, you can find duties like “Catch a rainbow-y fish” and “Catch a fish popular in Arendelle” once you finish the prior tasks.

Star Path also makes duties fun, searching for specific types of fish that rhyme with words like “dream” and “harp.”

The “Catch a white fish in a chilly Biome.” and “Fish for something small in size and name” are other duties with significant rewards and tokens.

The Bottom Line

The Haunted Holiday Star Path event in Dreamlight Valley invites participants to embark on exciting duties throughout the game.

For instance, they can hunt and reel in clawed creatures and claim enticing rewards, making them eligible for other quests.

Overall, the event brings excitement with its engaging duty, “Fish for Something with Claws.”

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