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How To Use Extra Baggage In Lies Of P?

In the game Lies of P, characters can collect many items which requires the use of extra baggage to manage them.

Throughout the story, players will pick up various items from the map which can result in an unmanaged inventory.

To solve this issue, Lies of P offers an extension of the extra baggage slots which can be found on the menu.

To use extra baggage in Lies of P, simply press any number key on the keyboard, ranging from 1 to 4 depending upon the item you want to use. For controller users, hold the X/A button.

Continue reading this article to learn how to use Extra Baggage for PC and Controller users.

Slots And Extra Baggage In Lies Of P

The item storage system in Lies of P is unique and realistic compared to other soulslike games.

The main character P carries two belts around his waist for item storage: an Upper Belt and a Lower Belt.

Players will be tutored on how to use the belts as soon as they spawn in the game(inside the train).

Inventory Slots In Lies Of P
Inventory Slots In Lies Of P.

Each belt features three item slots for the loot storage, meaning players can hold up to six items.

In addition to this, players can carry a certain amount of the same item in one belt slot(6 total slots).

However, as the story progresses, players will eventually run out of the usable item slots on the belt.

This is when the players can make use of the Extra Baggage which contains additional item slots.

How To Toggle Between Belts And Extra Baggage?

To manage the items in your inventory, open the Menu and scroll until you see the consumables option.

Furthermore, select the Equipment menu to see all the items contained within each belt and baggage slots.

There are two distinct methods to accomplish this, depending on your gaming platform: PC and controller.

1. For PC Players

PC players can easily equip and unequip the desired items in their own corresponding slot just by using the mouse.

To utilize the selected item, scroll with your mouse to choose the Upper or Lower Belt, then press R.

The three items on the Upper Belt can be cycled through by scrolling up, and the items on the Lower Belt may be cycled through by scrolling down.

How To Use Extra Baggage For PC Players
Using Extra Baggage for PC Players.

Alternatively, you can choose and cycle between things in the Upper Belt by pressing T.

Similarly, press G on the keyboard to choose and cycle between the objects on the Lower Belt.

Press to interact with the chosen item.

2. For Controller Players

For Controller Players, press the start button on your controller to access the Menu in the game.

Use the right analog button to navigate between the upper, lower, and the extra baggage slot.

Alternatively, press and hold the A/X button on the controller to display the items in your extra baggage.

How To Use Extra Bag for Controller
Using Extra Bag for Controller.

After that, move the right analog within the displayed items to select a particular item and press X/A to use it.

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Why Should You Use Extra Baggage?

In Lies Of P, players are bound to end up with abundant items after completing each section of the map.

So, using the Extra Baggage is a must if players want to organize their item inventory in a tidy manner.

Furthermore, there are 16 bosses in lies of P, which are distributed amongst the various sections of the Map.

Facing these bosses with a full inventory can be advantageous as it can help to restore HP and use buff items.

Also, note that accessing the menu during gameplay won’t pause the game actions in Lies of P.

Therefore, organize the extra baggage beforehand so that you can avoid taking unnecessary damage.

The game also contains area-specific items like the Gold Coin Fruit, which can only be used inside the Malum district.

Gold Coin Fruit in Lies Of P.

Items like these will always require their own space in one of the inventory slots when completing area-specific quests.

Hence, the Extra Baggage can aid in these area-specific quests without having an impact on the rest of your item slots.

The Bottom Line

In Summary, players are suggested to make use of the Extra Baggage to experience the game without any difficulties.

It can be quite problematic to pick the right items in your inventory as the game offers a variety of items.

Therefore, players are suggested to pick the in-game items according to their importance in the quests.

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