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What Happens If You Kill Nettie In Baldur’s Gate 3?

In BG3, one of the characters that players can encounter in the game is Nettie, a Druid healer who resides in Druid Grove.

When you seek help from Nettie to cure the tadpole, she will try to give you poison to kill the host itself.

However, if you disagree, you will have to kill her, which can raise the question of what happens if you kill Nettie. Even if you kill her, no one will be hostile to you, not even other Druids.

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Who Is Nettie In BG3?

Nettie is a controversial character with a strong opinion about the tadpole that infects the player’s character and other companions.

The tadpole is a parasitic creature that can turn its host into a mind flayer, a powerful and evil being that can control other creatures’ minds.

Nettie believes that the only way to deal with the tadpole is to kill its host before it transforms them.

She offers to poison the player’s character and end their suffering by killing the host itself to cure the tadpole.

Nettie giving vile of Wyvern poison to kill you
Nettie is giving vile of Wyvern poison to kill you.

The player can accept or reject Nettie’s offer, but either way, you will face some consequences.

If you accept, there is an option to use deception and say you’ll take it, but all your companion knows you are lying.

Nettie will become hostile and attack them if you reject, forcing you to fight back and kill her.

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What Happens If You Kill Nettie In BG3?

Killing Nettie has some implications for the game’s story and gameplay.

Here are some of them:

1. Lose Access To Healing And Potion

The player will lose access to Nettie’s healing services and potions.

Nettie is one of the few healers in the game who can restore the player’s health and remove adverse effects.

She also sells some useful potions that can boost the player’s abilities or protect them from harm.

2. No Consequences

Killing her means that the player will have to rely on other sources of healing and items, which may be more scarce or expensive.

The player will not face hostile reactions from other druids or characters in the Druid Grove.

Surprisingly, killing Nettie does not seem to affect the player’s reputation or relationship with other characters in the game.

However, no one will comment on Nettie’s death or become hostile towards the player.

Even Halsin, the leader of the Druids, will not mention Nettie or hold a grudge against the player.

This may be because Nettie was not well-liked by her fellow Druids or because they were unaware to notice or care.

3. Looting Her body And Taking Her Items

The player can loot Nettie’s body and take her items.

Nettie has some valuable items on her body that the player can take after killing her.

These include her Arcane Circlet, which can gain +1 in nature.

Looting Arcane Circlet from Nettie's body
Looting Arcane Circlet from Nettie’s body.

Similarly, you can get a Potion if the fire resistance, when consumed, will gain resistance to fire damage until a long reset.

Looting Potion of Fire Resistance from Nettie's body
Looting Potion of Fire Resistance from Nettie’s body.

These items can be helpful for the player or their companions, especially if they are playing as a caster or a fighter.

4. Unable To Complete Some Quest

The player will not be able to complete some quests related to Nettie.

Nettie is involved in some quests the player can accept or discover in the game.

Killing her will prevent the player from completing some quests and gaining rewards or outcomes.

The Bottom Line

Nettie is a character in Baldur’s Gate 3 who offers to poison the player’s character to stop the tadpole infection.

The player can choose to accept or reject her offer, but rejecting it will make her attack them and force them to kill her.

However, killing Nettie does not seem to affect the player’s reputation or relationship with other characters in the game.

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