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BG3 Absolute Gear: What Are The Consequences?

Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) is a role-playing game that allows players to explore a vast and rich world of choices and consequences.

One of the choices that players can make is whether to accept or reject the Brand of the Absolute.

In BG3, Absolute gear is an item related to the Absolute cult, and when the player wears it, they will face some consequences. There are many Absolute gear in BG3, such as Absolute’s Talisman, Absolute Confidence Amulet, Gloves of Power, etc.

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What Is An Absolute Gear In BG3?

Absolute gear is a term that refers to items that are related to or influenced by the Absolute.

These items usually have the word “Absolute” in their name, such as Absolute’s Talisman, Absolute Confidence Amulet, Gloves of Power, or Vision of the Absolute.

Depending on their situation, these items have unique effects and properties that can benefit or harm the player.

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Absolute Gear Items

Some of the items require the player to have the Brand of the Absolute to use them without penalties.

For example, Absolute’s Talisman gives the wearer an advantage on death saving throws if branded but otherwise does nothing.

Absolute’s Talisman
Absolute’s Talisman in BG3.

Similarly, the Absolute Confidence Amulet gives the wearer +1 to Charisma and proficiency in Persuasion if branded but otherwise has -1 to Intimidation effect.

Absolute Confidence Amulet
Absolute Confidence Amulet in BG3.

Likewise, other items have different effects depending on whether the player is branded or not.

For example, Gloves of Power gives the wearer +1 to Sleight of Hand.

Gloves of Power
Gloves of Power which you can obtain in BG3.

A chance to inflict a -1d4 penalty to the target’s attack rolls and saving throws on a melee hit.

However, this effect only works if the wearer is branded; otherwise, it deals extra damage to the wearer.

Likewise, Vision of the Absolute gives the wearer +2d6 piercing damage against creatures with multiple sets of eyes.

Furthermore, it can also blind them for one round on a critical hit. This effect works regardless of whether the wearer is branded or not.

Therefore, to wear the Absolute gear in BG3, you must have the Brand of the Absolute.

Brand of the Absolute
Brand of the Absolute in BG3.

This will nullify and gain access to the power of the Absolute, which you cannot get just by wearing it.

However, you can get Brand of the Absolute by talking to Priestess Gut, who lives in the Shattered Sanctum.

Consequences Of Wearing Absolute Gear In BG3

Wearing Absolute gear in BG3 can have various consequences for players and their companions.

Some of these consequences are positive, while others are negative.

Positive Consequences

  1. Gaining access to powerful items that can enhance the player’s combat and social abilities.
  2. Unlocking new dialogue options and interactions with certain characters and factions aligned with or influenced by the Absolute.
  3. Being able to use some items without any requirements or drawbacks.

Negative Consequences

  1. Being unable to use some items without getting penalties or drawbacks.
  2. Attracting unwanted attention from enemies or rivals that are opposed to or suspicious of the Absolute.
  3. Facing moral dilemmas and conflicts with companions or allies that disagree with or distrust the Absolute.
  4. Risking corruption or manipulation by the Absolute or its cults.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, wearing absolute gear in BG3 is a choice that can significantly impact the player’s gameplay and story experience.

Depending on whether the player has the Brand of the Absolute or not, they can gain access to different items and dialogues but also face different risks and challenges.

Therefore, players should weigh their options carefully and decide whether to wear the Absolute gear or not.

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