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Can Auntie Ethel Remove The Parasite?

Auntie Ethel is one of the key figures for the “Find a Cure” quest in Baldurs Gate3 for removing the flayer parasite.

She is one of the four characters the players must encounter for this quest to progress further.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, Auntie Ethel offers to remove the Mindflayer Parasite from the player’s brain if they give her one of their eyes. This happens when they meet inside the Teahouse Grove.

Continue reading more about Auntie Ethel and the parasite removal in Baldur’s Gate 3.

MindFlayer Parasite In Baldurs Gate 3

The Flayer Parasite is a purplish worm that is planted behind the eye socket of the players’ character.

If left unattended, this parasite will take over the body of the host and turn them into a Mind Flayer.

Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen
Mind Flayer Parasite Specimen in BG3.

Storywise, the Lilithid Tadpole parasite infects your character’s brain, leading to the quest “Find the Cure.”

Furthermore, this quest can be acquired only after completing the Prologue: Escape the Nautiloid.

Currently, players must encounter four key figures related to this quest in the game. They are Healer Nettie, Zorru, Auntie Ethel and Druid Halsin.

Dealing with each of these four characters will reveal some key information about the parasite.

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Can You Remove Parasite With Auntie Ethel?

Auntie Ethel’s storyline can only be initiated after the players enter the Emerald Grove.

She can be located inside the Emerald grove which appears to be an old woman in a greenish-grey robe.

Moreover, she can already detect the presence of the parasite inside your head within your first encounter with her.

Then, players will have the option of sharing the details about the parasite with Auntie Ethel.

Aunt Ethel(old lady)
Aunt Ethel is an old lady in BG3.

If they choose to do so, Auntie Ethel will agree to help the player which involves removing one of the character’s eyes.

After this, players will have an option to choose once again whether to proceed with the treatment.

If they consent to the treatment, Auntie Ethel will transform into her true form which resembles a greenish goblin.

Furthermore, she will remove and kiss one of the character’s eyes and put it back in.

But note that she will only present you with this option if you haven’t investigated the concealed wall behind the teahouse or aggravated her.

The teahouse fireplace is also connected to the Save Mayrina quest which is related to Auntie Ethel.

Auntie Ethel(true form)
The true form of Auntie Ethel in BG3.

However, she will reveal that the treatment was a failure since the parasite was tampered with shadow magic.

Additionally, this choice will give you +1 to Intimidation but -1 to Perception stats.

Furthermore, players will also receive a permanent debuff which prevents them from dealing crit damage.

Alternatively, if the players reject the treatment, their encounter with Auntie Ethel will end for now.

Both of the choices will eventually lead upto the quest of saving Druid Halsin inside the goblin camp.

Two Different Storylines With Auntie Ethel

The first interaction with Auntie Ethel near the stone bridge can lead to two different storylines.

Players crossing the stone bridge near the blighted village will see two men with an old lady.

Later it will be revealed that the two men are Mayrina’s brothers and the old lady is Aunt Marina.

Players must defeat the two brothers after this encounter in order to progress with the Auntie Ethel storyline.

Players can either scold or forgive the old lady upon defeating the brothers.

If they choose to scold the lady, it will aggravate her, affecting the consequent quest inside the teahouse grove.

Fight With Aunt Ethel
Fight With Aunt Ethel

The old lady will also disappear in the process, compelling players to look for her in the following quest.

The choices made by the players inside the teahouse grove can lead to one of two storylines:

Defeat Aunt Ethel

To defeat Aunt Etherl, inform Mayrina about her brothers to aggravate Auntie Ethel.

It will cause Auntie Ethel to transform into her true hag form, turn invisible, and escape with Mayrina.

This choice will lead to a boss fight with Auntie Erina when players encounter her next time.

 Ask For The Cure To Aunt Ethel

Do not inform Mayrina about her brothers to get a neutral response from the old lady.

This will lead to the conversation about the cure to the tadpole parasite with Aunt Ethel and a possible cure.

But it will result in failure because the parasite is an abnormal one with some hints of shadow magic.

However, the quest to save Mayrina can not progress further in the game.

The Bottom Line

The choice for the treatment with Auntie Ethel is one of the hardest in the entirety of the “Find the Cure” quest.

The conundrum of whether players should offer one of their eyes or not leaves the players debating with themselves.

However, educated research on the “Aunt Ethel” questline can help solve this issue without hassle.

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