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Art Cullagh Dead In BG3: Can You Speak With Him?

In Baldurs Gate 3, you will encounter an interesting character Art Cullagh, the sleeping man.

You must reach the nearby Mausoleum and search for Battered Lute to wake up the Art Cullagh.

If you find Art Cullagh dead in the Last Inn, you should use the spell Speak With Dead on his corpse and get the information.

Continue reading more about completing the mission and getting information, even if Art Cullagh is dead.

Who Is Art Cullagh?

Art Cullagh is the Non-Player Character in BG3 who is also a member of the Flaming Fist.

Additionally, Art Cullagh has been sleeping for more than a century due to some powerful magic.

Moreover, you have to reach the Last Light Inn where you will find him sleeping in the bed at the corner of the bed.

art cullagh dead bg3
Art Cullagh sleeping in his bed.

Also, Art Cullagh knows very important information which is the whereabouts of Thaniel, the spirit of the land.

If you want to unlock Halsin, a druid companion for the rest of the journey, it is necessary to wake Art Cullagh.

In order to wake him up, there is a separate quest that you should complete “How to wake up Art Cullagh”.

However, if Art Cullagh is dead, you can still find the other way around to get the information out of him.

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What Happens If Art Cullagh Is Dead?

Unfortunately, if you lost the attack on Last Light Inn or were unable to protect Isobel, then Art Cullagh dies.

Death of Art Cullah.
Death of Art Cullagh.

You shouldn’t worry as you will still be able to get information out of him.

Additionally, you will be able to speak with the corpse of Art Cullagh who will tell you about the location of Thaniel.

Moreover, there will not be any consequences as you will still be able to find Thaniel and recruit Halsin as your permanent member.

How To Speak With The Dead?

There is a way in BG3 where you can speak with the NPC characters even after their death.

Additionally, you can cast the Speak With Dead in the two ways:

    1. If your character has Amulet of Lose Voices, then you can cast Speak with the Dead spell to NPCs.
    2. You should find the book Necromancy of Thay from a Secret Cellar that will help you cast the Speak with Dead spell.

You can cast the Speak with Dead spell on the corpse of the dead body of Art Cullagh. Then, his body will rise up in the air.

art cullagh dead bg3
Speak with Dead in BG3.

The green light will be emitted from all over the body after the spell is cast.

However, once the spell is cast, you can only ask a maximum of 5 questions then they will die again.

Halsin in BG3.
Halsin in BG3.

You can ask about the location of Thaniel who will help to break the curse of the Shadowland and recruit Halsin.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Baldurs Gate 3 is a versatile game where players can interact with NPC through dialogues and multiple options.

Each dialogue will lead to different consequences and a completely distinct storyline.

Hence, even if the NPC character is dead, you can easily speak with their corpse to find out the secrets.

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