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How To Update AC Mirage Initiate Outfit?

In Ac Mirage, players can upgrade the Initiate of Alamut Outfit after becoming the legit Assassin.

Similarly, the Initiate of Alamut Set is one of the best outfits assassins can use in an early game instance.

The Initiate of Alamut Set provides an aesthetic look for assassins and offers valuable benefits during assassins.

In Ac Mirage, Players can upgrade Initiate Alamut Set Outfit for two levels using upgrade schematics after reaching apprentice and Assassin Rank respectively.

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Initiate of Alamut Set: An overview

Players can get their hand on Initiate of Alamut Outfit just by playing the main story of the AC Mirage.

Initiate of Alamut Set is known for its Silent Blade” ability that reduces the noise produced during Player’s assassinations.

Similarly, this feature enhances the player’s stealth abilities, so it would be easier to eliminate the target in complete silence.

Wearing Alamut Set in ac mirage initiate outfit upgrade
Player Wearing Alamut Set in AC Mirage.

Besides, the Initiate of Alamut Set outfit is associated with the Hidden Ones which is also considered as S Rank Outfit.

Players can instantly benefit from wearing this outfit, as it would reduce 50% of noise during Assassinations.

Moreover, as players progress forward in the game, they can also update the outfit’s abilities after acquiring upgrade schematics.

Thus, after the update of  the outfit’s abilities, players can find it as a valuable asset throughout their adventure in AC Mirage.

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How To Get Initiate Of Alamut Set In AC Mirage? 

Players can get their hands on the Initiate of Alamut Outfit during the initial quest titled “Taking Flight” mission.

In “Taking Flight Mission” Players must go to the Al-Hasan’s Workshop and perform a Leap of Faith off the spire to receive Hidden Blade.

Similarly, players have to follow the objective marker to reach the cave entrance where they meet with Fuladh.

After meeting with Fuladh, this would be the point where you see the initiative of the Amalut Outfit for the first time.

Moreover, Fuladh will ask the players to wear the Initiate of Alamut Outfit before moving inside the cave.

Wearing Alamut Set
Process of becoming Assassin.

Upon reaching the cave, Players have to make their way to the Brotherhood’s altar to face Roshan and perform the painful ritual.

Finally, after facing Roshan as equal members of the Brotherhood of Assassins’, you will get to keep the  Initiate of Alamut Outfit.

Furthermore, Initiate of Alamut Set is the first outfit that players get while playing AC Mirage Assassins’ Role.

This beautiful attire marks as the beginning of the journey as Assassins, moving on adventures in the world of AC Mirage.

How  Can You Upgrade Initiate Of The Alamut Set?

Players can spend their resources to upgrade the outfits which unlock and improve the passive abilities of particular Outfit.

Similarly, players can upgrade their outfits two times the more you upgrade, the more it enhances the ability.

Moreover, players can upgrade the outfits in AC Mirage by spending Steel Ingots, and Leather and using  Upgrade Schematics.

After you collect the required amount of all the essentials to upgrade your outfit, you can go to the Tailor to upgrade your outfit.

If you are short on any essential materials, you can purchase them from multiple Traders.

However, you cannot purchase Upgrade Schematics as it can only be received inside the chests upon completing different quests.

Upgrade your Stealth With Initiate Of Alamut Set

Players can get the first upgrade schematic for the Initiate of Alamut Set only after reaching Apprentice Rank.

Similarly, players have to ill Al Ghul “The Slaver” in First Order Mission and report to Roshan to get the upgrade schematic.

ac mirage initiate outfit upgrade
Killing Al-Ghoul in the game.

After you get the upgrade schematic, you can upgrade your outfit to level 2 by spending 30 steel ingots and 60 leather.

Once you upgrade to level 2 of this Alamut Set, it enhances your stealth ability to 75% less noise during assassinations.

Moreover, Players can further upgrade their Initiate of Alamut Set after Reaching the Assassin Rank.

You can reach Assassin Rank by assassinating the last three order members in the Gilded Butterflies or Den of the Beast mission.

Similarly, after you get Upgrade Schematic, you can upgrade your outfit to level 3 by spending 60 Steel ingots and 120 leather.

Furthermore, achieve the pinnacle of stealth ability with a level 3 upgrade, which enhances your stealth ability to 100%.

As a result, enemies can’t hear any noise during your assassinations which grants players ultimate advantage.

The Bottom Line 

In brief, players should collect various upgrade schematics and materials required to update outfits in AC Mirage.

After you gather the minimum upgrade Schematic and materials, proceed to the tailor and upgrade your Outfits.

Upgrading your Initiate of Alamut Outfit to its level 3 will provide you with 100% ultimate stealth ability.

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