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Monopoly Go Gizmo Gourmet Milestones: How To Complete?

Monopoly Go is a mobile game that is a classic board game, having many features that are engaging to play.

Likewise, you can collect properties, build hotels, and compete with other players worldwide.

Monopoly Go features the Gizmo Gourmet event with milestones, a limited-time challenge that rewards you with cash, dice rolls, and stickers. Furthermore, you can use a multiplier from x2 to x50 to complete the milestones faster.

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What Is The Gizmo Gourmet Event In Monopoly Go?

The Gizmo Gourmet event is a three-day event that started on October 5, 2023, and will end on October 8, 2023.

Furthermore, the event is themed around cooking and food, requiring you to collect points by landing on certain tiles on the board.

The tiles that give you points are:

  • Chance: 2 points
  • Community Chest: 3 points
  • Railroad: 5 points

Similarly, the more points you collect, the more milestones you can complete. However, there are 50 milestones in this event, each with a different reward.

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How To Complete The Gizmo Gourmet Milestones?

Players must collect enough points by landing on the mentioned tiles to complete the Gizmo Gourmet milestones in Monopoly Go.

You can see your current points and milestone progress on the event page, which you can access by tapping the icon on the screen.

Gizmo Gourmet Milestones
Gizmo Gourmet Milestones.

Furthermore, you can also use multipliers to boost your points. Multipliers are special dice that allow you to multiply your points by a specific factor.

For example, if you use an x2 multiplier and land on a Railroad tile, you will get 10 points instead of 5.

However, multipliers are risky because they can reduce your points by half or even zero if you roll a terrible number.

You can get multipliers by completing certain milestones or buying them with real money.

However, to complete all 50 milestones, you will need more than 74,150 points. This means you will need to play many games and use multipliers wisely.

Gizmo Gourmet Milestones Rewards

Players can get many rewards from playing Gizmo Gourmet events through the milestones.

Likewise, there are different types of rewards such as cash, dice rolls, stickers with different rarities and toy maker partners puzzle pieces.

Similarly, you can earn rewards by reaching milestones and accumulating points.

Here are the rewards included in the Gizmo Gourmet milestones:

  1. Cash: vary from 10 min cash grab to 15 min cash grab
  2. Dice rolls: from 20 to 7000
  3. Sticker packs: from 1 to 11 vary from (Green, Yellow, Pink, Gold, Blue, Purple and Golden Blue)
  4. Toy Maker Partners Puzzle Pieces: from 80 to 520

The cash and dice rolls can help you progress faster in the game. Likewise, the sticker packs can help you complete the season-long collection event for more rewards.

The Bottom Line

The Gizmo Gourmet event in Monopoly Go is a fun and rewarding challenge that lets you enjoy the game with a twist.

Furthermore, you can earn cash, dice rolls, and stickers by collecting points and completing milestones.

However, the event will only last for three days, so play as much as possible before it ends.

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