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Monopoly Go: Get Free Dice Rolls From Dice Link

In Monopoly Go, players can also redeem dice rolls from the dice links that are found on the social pages of Monopoly Go channels.

Players have to focus on collecting more dice rolls as it is beneficial while navigating the board.

Similarly, the more dice rolls you have; the more chance to get multiple in-game rewards.

Players can also receive free dice rolls from the dice links which can be found on the official social media platforms of Monopoly Go.

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Monopoly GO: Free Dice Links In Game

Players can get access to free dice rolls through daily login rewards, community chests, building net worth, and so on.

They can find free dice rolls from dice links among these multiple options by checking Monopoly Go social media platforms.

Firstly, you can actively engage with the official social accounts of Monopoly GO  and get links to free dice rolls.

Similarly, you have to keep an eye on the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Discord, etc.

Moreover, players can use these dice links to redeem free dice rolls only once with a single account.

Adding Friends In Game.
Adding Friends In Game.

Secondly, inside the game, you have the option to connect with your Facebook friends to get the free dice links.

In brief, players should check social media platforms and get updated time and again to find dice links.

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Monopoly Go: Free Dice Links From Social Media 

Firstly, Users have to visit the official social media pages of Monopoly Go like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here are the official links to the Social Media Pages of Monopoly GO :

Facebook – Monopoly GO!

Twitter – Monopoly GO!

Instagram – Monopoly GO!

Players can find multiple dice links for free dice rolls once they open these official pages.

After finding dice links, players have to choose the link from the top as these links are kept in order from latest to oldest.

Thus, players have to click on the latest link for the possibility to redeem about 25 free dice rolls.

However, some of the older links could be outdated and no longer allow you to get the free dice rolls.

Dice Roll in Monopoly : Go
Dice Roll in Monopoly: Go

Similarly, players have to check social media platforms on a daily basis to find the link to the free dice rolls.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these free dice links may not become available daily.

The game’s developer releases free Dice Roll links occasionally and has a short period to use.

Therefore, players must use the dice link before it expires to access multiple dice rolls.

Other Ways to Get Free Dice Links: Monopoly Go 

Players can reliably access free dice links via the Monopoly GO Official Discord.

They can join the Discord community and have access to several dice links each week.

Some Discord groups are creating fake Facebook accounts and are connecting with multiple people to gain access to free dice links.

Players can share their new Facebook link code from the game with their friends, and those who accept friend requests receive free dice.

However, players can only get 1000 free dice rolls from 10 of their Facebook friends because of new limits.

Monopoly Go Discord Server.
Monopoly Go Discord Server.

Moreover, players can find various Discord Servers that engage with Monopoly Go that provide Facebook Friend free dice links.

Here are the links to the official discord servers where you can engage with the community to find Free Dice Links:



Players should find the most active server to legitimately get the free dice links.

The Bottom Line

In summary, having free dice links is one of the easy ways to collect some of the extra dice rolls inside the game.

Players have to update themselves daily by checking the official social media pages for not missing dice links.

Moreover, players should always use the free dice links within 48 hours to get to redeem 25 dice rolls.

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