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Where Is The Deciphering Book In Bloxburg?

Bloxburg is a very popular game in Roblox, where you can build and design your own house, work for money, hang out with friends, and more.

But the game’s ongoing quest involves finding a deciphering book and translating the symbol.

In Bloxburg, the deciphering book is the third quest given by Sabrina to help her translate some particular symbols. Furthermore, you can find them in the city hall on the library’s fifth bookshelf on the second row.

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What Is The Deciphering Book In Roblox?

The deciphering book is a unique item that can be found in Bloxburg during the Halloween season.

It is part of a witch quest that can be triggered by talking to Sabrina in quest 3.

Similarly, the book contains a translation that helps Sabrina to translate a particular symbol.

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How To Find The Deciphering Book In Bloxburg?

To start the witch quest, the third quest, you must go to Sabrina’s shop and talk to her in Bloxburg.

However, this quest can only be done if you have completed the other two quests. When you talk to her, she will welcome you and tell you she has found the problem.

Furthermore, she will tell you that she seems to have made an error in her translation of a particular cryptic language.

Likewise, she will then tell you that she is unfamiliar with those symbols.

Initiate the quest by talking to Sabrina
Initiate the quest by talking to Sabrina.

Similarly, she will tell you to bring her a Deciphering book from the City Hall to help her make the correct translation.

Afterward, you must go to the City Hall of Bloxburg either by bicycle or car to get there faster.

Once you reach there, you must go inside and go towards the library. The deciphering book is hidden in one of the bookshelves in the Bloxburg Library.

You need to go inside the library towards the fifth bookshelf and look at the second row, where you will find a brown glowing book.

Find the Deciphering Book on the fifth bookshelf on the second row
Find the Deciphering Book on the fifth bookshelf on the second row.

Click on it or press E to get the book and return back to Sabrina’s shop.

When you return to her shop, give it to her, and she will thank you for bringing the Deciphering Book from the City Hall.

Give the Deciphering book to Sabrina
Give the Deciphering book to Sabrina.

Furthermore, she will tell you that she will start translating that page again and tell you to come back later.

It appears that she will require more time to translate the book. You can return for an update on the next quest.

The Bottom Line

The Deciphering Book is a short and fun quest that you can do in Bloxburg during Halloween.

Furthermore, it requires you to explore different places in Bloxburg and requires you to spend some fun time finding the book.

If you want to try this quest, do it before Halloween ends, as it might not be available afterward.

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