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Monopoly Go: Find Bank Heist Pattern

In Monopoly Go, players can perform a bank heist, attack other players, and build new properties by following certain patterns.

It is a board game combining the best Coin Master and traditional Monopoly. Players can also participate in in-game tournaments to earn rewards.

In Monopoly Go, players can follow previous Bank Heist Pattern for greater heist rewards as there is no such thing as the perfect bank heist pattern.

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Bank Heist: An overview

Players can also play the “Bank Heist” minigame inside the Monopoly Go.

Bank Heist is a card-matching game where players have to open a variety of vault doors to reveal the Cards.

Similarly, players must find cards with identical patterns to steal money from opponents.

Also, they can flip their cards about a maximum of 8 times until they get an identical match.

Moreover, players can perform three different kinds of heists for stealing the money which are small, large, and grand heist.

Monopoly Go Game
A City in Monopoly Go .

Each heist is labeled with a unique symbol; whichever symbol you get three times consecutively would be your heist.

It all depends on the player’s luck to find three symbols of the grand heist to receive the maximum reward.

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How To Perform Bank Heist  In Monopoly Go? 

Players can perform Bank Heist on Opponent by landing on the mini-game while rolling dice.

Firstly, players have to roll their dice and hope they land on Railroad Tiles inside the board to open the mini-game.

Now, in this “Bank Heist” mini-game, players have to find three cards of the same kind hidden inside vault doors.

Similarly, after you open the vault doors one by one, you can find symbols of small, large, and grand heists.

Performing Heist
Performing Heist on Monopoly Go.

Players can also use the dice multipliers to enhance the Bank Heists; using a multiplier would multiply your rewards.

Moreover, you must remember which symbol you found and keep opening vault doors until you find three.

Upon finding three specific items, the mini-game displays how much money you’ve stolen during the heist.

Finally, whether you had a small, large, or grand heist will be decided after matching the cards.

How To Minimize The Damage In Bank Heists?

Playing “Bank Heist” not only allows players to steal money but also comes with the risk of getting robbed.

Even if it’s a competitive part of the game, being at risk of losing your hard-earned virtual money is the worst scenario.

Indeed, other players can also perform bank heists on your city and steal your money in Monopoly Go.

Players must protect their earnings from potential theft during a Bank Heist on your base.

For the same reason, players should spend all their money in the game before they log off or take a break.

By doing this, you minimize the amount of money that is available for other players to loot from you.

Buying Property
Buying property in Monopoly Go

Similarly, players must realize that the less money they have, the less they can lose.

Before you exit the game, purchasing multiple items and investing in various properties is a nice idea.

Moreover, you can perform any activities that will reduce the amount of money in your in-game vault.

By following this idea, players can enjoy and perform bank heist in opposition base with fewer risks.

For the same reason, players can enjoy the ambitious nature of the game while minimizing the chance of losing their money.

The Bottom Line 

Players should be lucky to perform the grand heist as it is mostly random vault door selection and pure luck.

Similarly, players have to give extra focus on the previous heist attack pattern to get the most out of the Bank heist in Monopoly Go.

Moreover, players should not only focus on looting their opponents’ wealth but also on preserving their wealth.

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