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Best Weapon And Skills For Andreja In Starfield

In Starfield, there are multiple companions, including Andreja, a versatile main companion.

You can recruit Andreja, a former Constellation operative specializing in stealth and particle beam weapons.

Andreja has several skills such as Particle Beam, Energy Weapon Systems, Stealth and Theft. Among many other weapons, Eternity’s Gate is one of the best weapon for Andreja. 

Continue reading about some of the best weapons for Andreja and her skills.

Who Is Andreja In Starfield?

Andreja, a female human from Earth, joined Constellation, a group of explorers and scientists seeking the galaxy’s secrets.

Players can run directly to Andreja after completing errands to find more Artifacts for Constellation.

Additionally, she has different skills, such as physical, combat, tech and social.

She is highly skilled in particle beams at rank 3, Stealth at rank 4, energy weapon systems at rank 2, and Theft at rank 1.

Similarly, she can be found anywhere and differs from each player’s playthrough.

Furthermore, players must find and complete the Into the Unknown quest to recruit Andreja.

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Eternity’s Gate: Best Weapon For Andreja

With Rank 3 in the Particle beam skill, Andreja can deal significantly more damage with particle beam weapons than with other weapons.

Additionally, since Andreja has ranked 3 in particle Beam, players can equip her with powerful Particle Beam weapons like Eternity’s Gate.

Eternity’s Gate is a rare Particle Beam Rifle. It has a high fire rate of 25 and damage.

Eternity’s Gate
Eternity’s Gate in Starfield.

Similarly, players can give weapons to her while she is in their inventory, and there is an option to equip the given weapon.

Furthermore, below is the stats of Eternity’s Gate in detail:

  • Weapon Type: Particle Beam
  • Damage Types: Energy, Physical
  • Fire Rate: 25
  • Ammo Types: Heavy Fuse
  • Damage: 67
  • Accuracy: 81.60%
  • Mod Slots: 6
  • Value: 11249

Similarly, Eternity’s Gate helps Andreja explore the galaxy, uncover its mysteries, and defend herself and you from any threat.

It is a weapon and a symbol of Andreja’s bond with you and the Constellation faction. By giving her this weapon, you show her that you trust and value her as a companion.

Skills Of Andreja In Starfield

Andreja is a companion who possesses various skills in different categories. She can use weapons that match her skills.

Below are her skills:

1. Particle Beams

Particle Beams combine the effects of physical and energy damage into one. This combat has ranked upto 4, and Andreja has ranked three skills.

Similarly, if you have reached rank 3 of this skill, the beam weapons have 30 % more damage.

Except for Eternity’s Gate, some other Particle Beam weapons are:

  1. Big Bang
  2. Jake’s Handover Cure
  3. Novalight
  4. Reflection
  5. Terror Inflictor
  6. The Spacer

2. Energy Weapon Systems

Andreja has rank 2 of Energy Weapon Systems in Starfield. Using these skills, the weapons can damage will increase by 20 % in the ship’s energy.

Additionally, this skill comes under the Tech skill categories and is a Tier 2 skill.

Similarly, players can add the Energy Weapon Systems skill to their character by opening the game console command window.

3. Stealth

In the game, Andreja has achieved a rank of 4 in the Stealth skill, which belongs to the Physical skill tree and requires skill points to unlock.

Upon using this skill, enemies will not be alerted when opening doors in the game.

Similarly, with the stealth ability, you can execute up to 40 sneak attacks with up to 100% reduced detection while sneaking.

4. Theft

Andreja has a rank at one and has pickpocketing skills in the game. Players must first unlock the ability to pickpocket.

Additionally, these weapons can also help you steal items from enemies or containers. They include pickpocketing devices, lockpicking tools, and hacking devices.

They can help you obtain valuable loot and resources without being noticed.

One example of a theft weapon is the Magpie, a device that can magnetically pull items from pockets or containers. Another is the Sparrow, a tool that can unlock any mechanical or electronic lock.

The Bottom Line

Andreja is skilled in particle beam weapons, energy weapon systems, stealth, and theft. She can deal great damage with weapons like Eternity’s Gate, a rare particle beam rifle.

Furthermore, she can also sneak past enemies and pickpocket valuable items. To recruit her, you must complete a quest and find more Artifacts for Constellation.

Moreover, Andreja is a great companion for players who want to play stealthily and use advanced technology.

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