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Starfield Fortuna Cockpit: Can You Get Inside?

In Starfield, you can customize your ship with different parts and modules and even steal other ships.

One of the game’s most luxurious and exclusive ships is the Fortuna, a spaceship of the Freestar Collective faction.

In Starfield, the Fortuna ship has a sleek design, a spacious interior, and a hidden cockpit. However, the cockpit of Fortuna is impossible to get inside since it is not an operable ship.

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What Is The Fortuna Cockpit In Starfield?

The Fortuna cockpit controls the Fortuna ship, where you can pilot it and access its systems.

The cockpit is located at the front of the ship but is not visible outside.

Moreover, the Fortuna cockpit is one of Starfield’s most advanced cockpits.

It has a large curved screen displays a panoramic view of the space and a comfortable leather seat.

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Can You Get Inside The Fortuna Cockpit In Starfield?

Getting inside the Fortuna Cockpit is very hard as you must complete the mission to discover it.

To get inside the Fortuna, you need to follow these steps:

1. Join The Faction

First, you must join the Freestar Collective faction and accept their questline.

You can do this by helping them with their missions, donating resources, or proving your loyalty.

The choice is yours, but be careful not to anger them, or they will turn hostile.

2. Complete The Mission

Once you become a Freestar Collective member, you must complete their main quest, “On the Run.

Red mile the mission for on the run
Red mile mission in the “on the run” quest.

This quest involves running through the Red Mile, which starts after talking to Mei.

You must survive the Red Mile mission to complete it.

3. After The Mission

After completing the mission, you need to talk to Mei; she will tell you the location of the Fortuna ship.

Mei an NPC for the mission on the run
Mei is an NPC in the “on the run” mission.

You will find the location in the Codos, where you can see the Fortuna ship after traveling there.

Codos, where Fortuna is located
Fortuna is located in the Codos.

Once you arrive at the ship, you must talk to Marco, who is inside the ship.

After talking to him, you will either accept his offer or kill him.

Marco an NPC inside the Fortuna
Marco is an NPC inside the Fortuna.

Unfortunately, even after killing him, you cannot get inside the ship’s cockpit since no door leads to the cockpit.

Therefore, it is part of a scripted event that only allows you to enter the ship but doesn’t allow you to operate.

Does Using Mods Help You Get Inside?

If you are playing Starfield on PC, you can use mods to make your experience more accessible or fun.

Mods are created by the users that let you customize or change the functionality of the game.

For example, some mods can give you unlimited resources, unlock all skills, or add new weapons and items.

To get inside the Fortuna cockpit using mods, you can use one of these options:

  1. Use a mod that lets you teleport anywhere on the map. You can teleport inside the cockpit without going through all the steps above.
  2. Removes all security systems and locks on doors. You can walk into any room on the ship without hacking or unlocking anything.
  3. Adds a new feature or option to access the cockpit legally. You can persuade or befriend your leader and ask them to let you in.

However, using mods may cause bugs or glitches in your game, so use them at your own risk.

Is There A Way To Steal Fortuna In Starfield?

Unfortunately, there is no way to steal the Fortuna cockpit or the whole ship in Starfield.

The Fortuna is a unique and scripted ship tied to the Freestar Collective storyline and their leader’s character.

You can only visit it once during their main quest and not take it with you or use it as your ship.

However, you can still admire its beauty and design and take some screenshots or videos of it.

You can also recreate it using the ship-building system in the game, which lets you customize your ship with different parts and modules.

Similarly, you can use the Taiyo hab pieces, similar to the ones used for the Fortuna, but they are not precisely the same.

Likewise, you can also use some mods that add new pieces or change the appearance of existing ones.

The Bottom Line

The Fortuna is one of Starfield’s most impressive and mysterious ships that you can find in the game.

It is a hidden gem that only a few players can discover. However, getting inside the cockpit seems impossible.

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