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BG3 Scrying Eye Taking No Damage: Easy Methods To Destroy

BG3 has various NPCs that players can discover and interact with within the game. Scrying eye is one of the NPC that takes no damage.

Killing a scrying eye in the game can be quite a challenge. However, it is necessary to complete the Blind the Absolute quest.

In BG3, Scrying Eye is a non-playable character that is immune to various attacks, and players can cause no damage. It is only weak against thunder damage that can destroy in one hit.

Continue reading to learn more about scrying eye and how you can cause damage to it in BG3.

Who Is Scrying Eye In BG3?

Scrying Eye is an NPC in Baldur’s Gate 3. They are very strong and immune to various attacks.

You can find this character at Grymforge, floating around and consistently tracking your movements.

They have the ability to see invisible creatures within a 9m radius.

Scrying Eye in BG3
Scrying Eye in Level 1 Construct in BG3.

Additionally, they are immune once you enter into combat and are resistant to numerous items. Some of them are:

  1. Slashing Resistance
  2. Piercing Resistance
  3. Bludgeoning Resistance
  4. Acid Resistance
  5. Thunder Resistance
  6. Necrotic Resistance
  7. Fire Resistance
  8. Lightning Resistance
  9. Cold Resistance
  10. Radiant Resistance
  11. Poison Resistance
  12. Psychic Resistance

There are various damage types in the game. But, the damage against scrying eye from magical as well as non-magical attacks is halved for every resistance.

However, the thunder damage against this entity is doubled. They are only weak against the thunder resistance that you can use against it.

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How Do You Kill A Scrying Eye?

Killing a scrying eye in BG3 is very difficult as you can do no damage to it whatever combat method you try.

Further, destroying them won’t give players exciting rewards and only yield 10 XP.

It is very annoying to the players as the scrying eye won’t kill.

However, players can throw it off instead. Throw action is used to throw a character or item from the world or your inventory.

The steps to throw the scrying eye are given as follows:

  1. Enter into a turn-based mode
  2. Locate the scrying eye
  3. Aim your target
  4. During your turn, you can pick it up and throw it away.
  5. Then, it shows Athletics successful.

Similarly, the other option you can try is to select the companion with the highest strength. Then, use the shove action to push it into the chasm.

As they are resistant to attacks, you can push them off a cliff every time you encounter one without attacking.

Another option is to escape battle with one companion and initiate dialogue, which will cancel the fight mode.

However, the scrying eye is weak to thunder damage and resistant to everything else. Thunder spells can only actually damage it.

Killing Scrying eye in BG3.
Killing Scrying Eye in BG3.

Furthermore, players can also shoot it with a crossbow to kill it in one hit. This alternative worked for some players.

Similarly, a shatter spell really works well too since the scrying eye is a construct. It has disadvantages and takes more damage from the spell.

Throwing scrying eye into the lava.
Throwing scrying eye into the lava.

The Bottom Line

In BG3, killing the Scrying Eye is somewhat challenging as it is immune to different attacks which is annoying to the players.

Scrying Eye takes no damage in BG3 for any attack you try. However, they are weak against thunder resistance.

Along with thunder damage, you can also try other methods as mentioned above to kill it in the game.

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