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BG3 The Warden: How To Kill Her?

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to interact with various characters and factions and engage in challenging combat scenarios.

One of the quests players can encounter in the game is Rescue the Tieflings, which involves finding and freeing a group of Tieflings.

In BG3, you will encounter the Warden in Rescue the Tieflings quest, where she will stop you from freeing the Tiefling and other prisoners. However, to free them you need first to kill her.

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Who Is The Warden In BG3?

The Warden is one of the enemies players will face in Rescue the Tiefling’s quest.

She is a powerful spellcaster overseeing the prison and confiscating the prisoners’ tools and weapons.

She also has a key that can unlock the cells and an amulet that can activate a spell crux, a device that can manipulate magic.

The Warden can be a formidable opponent to defeat, especially if she is alerted by the guards or the scrying eyes, magical orbs that monitor the prison.

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How To Kill The Warden In BG3?

There are different ways to kill the Warden in BG3, depending on the player’s strategy, skills, and preferences.

Here are some possible methods to kill the Warden in BG3:

1. Sneak Attack

The Warden can be found in her office above the prison cells.

You can use stealth or invisibility to sneak past the guards and the scrying eyes and climb the ladder behind her desk.

Furthermore, you can surprise attack the Warden with a powerful weapon or spell, preferably one that can deal critical damage or stun her.

Using sneak attack to kill Warden
Using a sneak attack to kill Warden.

The player can also use bombs, alchemist’s fire, or grease bottles to create explosions or fire hazards around the Warden.

However, you must finish her off quickly before she can react or call for backup.

2. Persuasion Or Deception

The Warden can be lured out of her office by talking to her and convincing her to follow you.

You can use persuasion or deception checks to make up an excuse, such as needing her help.

Similarly, you can lie to her by telling her you want to join the cult or have information about the prisoners.

Furthermore, you can lead her to a secluded spot, such as the hole in the floor near her office, where you can push her down.

Pushing Warden down the hole
Pushing Warden down the hole.

The player can also use items such as caltrops, bear traps, or poison bottles to set up traps.

3. Combat

The Warden can be confronted directly by attacking her in her office, freeing the prisoners, and triggering an alarm.

However, you should be prepared for a tough fight, as the Warden has a high armor class, hit points, and saving throws.

Confronting Warden directly in combat
Confronting Warden directly in combat.

She can cast spells, such as fireball, wall of fire, dominate person, and globe of invulnerability.

The player should try to disrupt her concentration, remove her buffs, and exploit her weaknesses.

Furthermore, you can also use potions, scrolls, or elixirs to boost their abilities or resistances.

4. Quest Completion

The Warden can be killed indirectly by completing the quest “Rescue the Tieflings.”

The player can help the gnomes and tieflings escape prison by giving them tools or weapons.

Similarly, you can break the chains on the boat and protect them from the guards.

The player can also use levers behind the Warden’s desk to open the cell doors and trigger an alarm.

Once the prisoners are safe on the boat, they will sail away from Moonrise Towers to the Last Night Inn.

The Warden will then be killed by Ketheric Thorm, the leader of the cult, who will accuse her of failing to stop them.

The cult will kill the Warden
The cult will kill the Warden.

Completing Rescue The Tieflings Quest

After freeing the Tieflings, players can follow them through the tunnels and assist in their escape on the boat.

Furthermore, you can return to Last Light Inn and talk to the Tieflings who have survived and made it there.

Completing this quest allows players to learn more about the tiefling refugees and earn more loot and experience.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Warden is one of the enemies players will encounter in this quest.

However, you can kill her in different ways, such as sneak attack, persuasion or deception, combat, or quest completion.

Likewise, you can also gain experience and rewards after killing her and completing the quest.

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