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Infernal Control Gem In BG3: How To Get?

Baldur’s Gate(BG3) is a classic role-playing game series of various magical items, gems, and artifacts.

Players should collect various gems that can be used for their intrinsic value, generating income and assisting in sub-missions.

As a part of the quest, players need to infiltrate the House of Hope to find the infernal control gem.

In BG3, players should interact with the Infernal Control Gem to pass their wisdom and intelligence check to access a hidden room, where they find the Hell Dusk Helmet.

Continue reading to learn more about the Infernal Control Gem in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What Is Infernal Control Gem?

Infernal Control Gem is the diamond embedded in the wall to help secure the hidden room from unauthorized access.

Similarly, this diamond isn’t just any gem as it’s a sentinel watching the secret chamber with unwavering dedication.

While players are on their quest, the Infernal Control Gem becomes a decisive point of interaction.

Players must look at themselves and demonstrate their wisdom and intelligence before unlocking the door.

Infernal gem having intelligence check
Infernal gem having intelligence check in BG3.

Moreover, Infernal Gem tests Players’ perception where they must assemble at least ten pieces of wisdom or more than that. 

After checking wisdom, Infernal Gem also tests the Players’ intelligence, where they must assemble 20 intelligence or more.

However, players can only access the privilege of the secret room if they pass both tests.

Success in this endeavor benefits players from the concealed treasures inside the room.

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Hidden Treasures Inside The Room 

The door will automatically open after you demonstrate your wisdom and intelligence to the Infernal Control Gem.

Upon entering the secret room, you will see the pile of chests before you.

You must loot the pile of chests and find one of the rare items in the game i.e., Hell Dusk Helmet.

Chests inside Secret Room.
Chests inside Secret Room.

Hell Dusk armor is a heavy armored suit, and getting a hands-on Hell Dusk Helmet is an initial step to complete the entire set.

Similarly, after you collect one of the armor set pieces, you can also find 666 gold inside the pile of chests.

Additionally, on your right-hand side, on the side of the pedestal, you will find another rare item: “Staff of spell Power.”

Where Can You Find Infernal Control Gem?

Players can find Infernal Control Gem in House of Hope, which players can only access after reaching Act 3 in BG3.

House of Hope is also known as Raphael’s Realm, which stations in the domain of Avernus.

Location of Secret Room.
Location of Secret Room.

You can only access the House by following the Helsik Ritual in the Devil’s Fee in Lower City.

Upon reaching the Devil’s Fee, you can converse with Helsik to help you reach the House of Hope.

Further, here are some of the steps to make your deal with Helsik:

  1. You can pay 20,000 gold to receive all the necessary items for the ritual.
  2. Similarly, you can test your intimidation by accepting the Intimidation check, which will reduce the price in half.
  3. Further, you can even promise her to bring the artifacts she wants after passing the Persuasion test.
Performing Helsik Ritual
Performing Helsik Ritual in BG3.

After you have collected the necessary items, you should solve the Helsik Puzzle and make a way to Avernus:

  • Firstly, you should place the star point near the altar
  • Secondly, you should place the coin of Mammon to point on your right.
  • Thirdly, you should place the diamond clockwise, leaving one point.
  • Fourthly, it would help if you placed incense next to the diamond.
  • Finally, placing infernal marble in the center would be best.

Ultimately, after reaching the Avernus, you can find the Infernal Control Gem in a vault beyond the entrance of the Boudoir.

The Bottom Line

In Summary, BG3 offers a dynamic world filled with unique experiences and challenges.

Infernal Control Gem is only a tiny quest in this vast game, so understanding the procedure of discovering the location is minimal.

Furthermore, players must be equally wise and intelligent to Pass the Perception Test that the Infernal Control Gem offers.

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