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Chippin In Dialogue Options: Complete The Quest

Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that offers many choices and consequences for the players, especially regarding the relationship between V and Johnny Silverhand.

One of the most critical quests affecting this relationship is Chippin In, a side job that Johnny gives.

In “Chippin In Quest,” the dialogue options significantly impact the relationship between V and Johnny Silverhand. However, choosing the correct dialogue option will help to complete the quest.

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What Is “Chippin In” In Cyberpunk 2077?

In Cyberpunk 2077, “Chippin In” is the side job that is triggered by Johnny Silverhand.

In this quest, Johnny asks V to help him find Rogue and confront Adam Smasher.

However, not many players know this quest has a hidden dialogue option that can unlock a secret ending.

This ending is complicated and risky but also very rewarding and satisfying for those who want to see Johnny’s and V’s relationship.

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Dialogue Option To Choose In “Chippin In”

In “Chippin In,” the dialogue option can have many consequences impacting the relationship between V and Johnny.

Here are the steps that you need to follow to complete this quest:

1. Beginning Of The Quest

Complete the main story missions up to Search and Destroy, where you will have to talk to Johnny at the end of the mission.

After this mission, you will also get another part of Tapeworm, where Johnny will talk to you.

Talk to Johnny
Talk to Johnny.

However, he will tell you to get control of your body to him so he can talk to Rogue and get her help to kill Smasher.

Furthermore, you must agree to his request and take a vitamin to let him control you.

2. Meeting With Rogue

Players have to wait for a day until Rogue calls you back. She will tell you that she found out where Smasher is hiding on a container ship called Ebunike.

She will ask you to meet her at the Afterlife again to discuss the details.

Talk to Rogue
Talk to Rogue.

Similarly, you have to go to the Afterlife and follow Rogue to her car. There, you need to wear a replica of Johnny’s Samurai jacket, given by Rogue.

3. Sneak Attack On The Ship

Afterward, when you reach there, sneak or fight through the base until you reach the dataterm.

There, read the messages revealing that Smasher works for Arasaka.

Then, once you go deep into the ship and find Jeremiah Grayson, you need to take him down and interrogate him.

He will tell you that Smasher is now in Japan, who become the head of Arasaka’s security and won’t return to Night City again.

Sneak attack on the ship
Sneak attack on the ship.

Likewise, he will also tell you about Johnny’s body that they buried him in the Badland’s oil fields.

Furthermore, you can decide whether to spare or kill Grayson.

However, it doesn’t matter for the secret ending, as you can still get Johnny’s car and gun either way.

Talk to Rogue and comfort her. She will be disappointed that Smasher got away and that she can’t fulfill Johnny’s wish.

She will then leave you alone with Johnny. After she leaves, head to the northern oil fields, where you will meet Johnny again.

4. Talk To Johnny

Talk to Johnny and choose your dialogue carefully. This is the most crucial part of unlocking the secret ending.

Furthermore, you need to choose these options: “The Guy Who Saved My Life.”

Afterward, you must choose, “Nah, fucked that up too.”

Then, you must choose “OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.

Choose the dialogue options
Choose the dialogue options.

Likewise, choosing this dialogue will increase your affinity and trust with Johnny.

Afterward, wait for Johnny to ask you to call Rogue, and he will tell you to ask her on a date.

After this, the quest is complete and will start another side job called Blistering Love.

The Bottom Line

The dialogue options in the “Chippin In” quest shows V and Johnny’s relationship with Rogue.

In this quest, you can learn more about Johnny and Rogue and the enemies’ hideout, which will help in the next quest.

However, choosing the correct option will help you to complete this quest and unlock the next quest.

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